Flex X Cop Episode 13 Release Date: Disney presents a detective action crime thriller Korean drama called ‘Flex x Cop ‘. The story revolves around a young and charming rich guy named Jin Yi Soo, who’s working as a detective on a crime investigation unit due to an unexpected interference in a crime scene.

The show deals with daily life cases of a crime investigation unit and each episode mostly starts with a new murder case. ‘Flex x cop’ is an investigation South Korean drama. The show contains sixteen episodes with an hour-long duration for each episode. As of now, twelve episodes have been released by Disney Plus. The last episode ended with capturing Bori.

Detectives investigated the unexpected suicides of Oryun community members. Lee Kang Hyun had a past with the same community, her father got trapped by the Oryun community with fabricated bribery charges. Bori is actually a fake identity of someone and he did plastic surgery to get away from the criminal charges, which is confirmed by the fingerprints shared by Isoo.

Lee Kang Hyun and the team tried to find out the background works of Bori. Shim Woo Hyuk and Lee Seong Wook met each other while working for the pyramid scheme company and with their special skills, they trapped the young people with many lies that they had found the truth to rebirth. They are the two people who started the Oryun community.

They put young people to volunteer at nursing homes and drugged the old age people in tea after making them addicted. Later they choose rich young people as targets and then they deceive them into donating all their wealth to the community for a chance of rebirth. They give the patients a pill take the money after their death and get away without any regret.

At the end of the last episode, Lee Kang Hyun’s once again appointed as the superintendent of police, at the same time the current superintendent got arrested for taking bribes from the Oryun community. Isoo and Lee Kang Hyun survived drowning inside the water tank. The detectives captured Bori and his teammates. Isoo father called him after seeing him on television.

His father told him to take care of his health. The forensic department found a hidden memory chip that showed the bribery proof of the deputy superintendent of police. The next episode will feature a case related to Isoo. It will be the first time, Lee Kang Hyun’s father has become the chief of Isoo and others.

Flex x cop‘ season one, episodes 13th and 14th scheduled to release this week. The drama premiered it’s first episode on January 26, 2024, through Disney all over the world. The show has sixteen episodes with nearly seventy Minutes of duration. Disney will release the 13th episode on March 15 and the 14th episode will be on released on March 16. They planned to release two episodes per week untill the finale.

‘Flex x cop’ all twelve episodes streaming through Disney in Korean audio with English subtitles.



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