Wedding Impossible Episode 6: Prime Video presents twelve episodic Korean romantic comedy series “Wedding Impossible” with about 1hr of runtime per episode. Lee Do Han and Lee Ji Han are the grandsons of the chairman of LJ group. Na A Jeong is from a middle-class family who is trying to reach her dream of becoming a great actress. Lee Do Han’s grandfather decides on his next successor Do-han.

But in order to make him successor he needed to marry Chae Won from Taeyang Group. But as Lee Do Han has a relationship with a guy, he declines to marry Chae Won. To escape from their grandfather Lee Do Han tells a lie that he is in a relationship with Na A Jeong who is his best friend. Later grandfather accepts their marriage, but things between Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han change as they start to get emotions on each other.

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Episode 6 opens in a church where Lee Ji Han is confessing to the father at the church. Lee Ji Han says that he couldn’t get away with the thought of Na A Jeong. He needs to erase things about her from his memory. Lee Ji Han says his heart was pounding when he saw her. Cut to Na A Jeong, she is at home getting a food delivery. She looks at the umbrella and has a flashback of her with Lee Ji Han last night. Na A Jeong is worried about Lee Ji Han getting cold by the rain.

Na A Jeong thinks of calling Lee Ji Han. Lee Ji Han left the church with a positive energy of relief from Na A Jeong’s memories. But suddenly Na A Jeong calls Lee Ji Han to check his health. Lee Ji Han does yoga at home to forget Na A Jeong’s thoughts.

Lee Do Han comes home and apologizes to Lee Ji Han for the harsh words he told before. Lee Do Han meets their grandfather, grandfather tells him the marriage is scheduled early to avoid unwanted gossip by reporters. Lee Ji Han’s sibling meets Yoon Chae Won. Yoon Chae Won tells her that she knows who appointed the reporter to follow them. Yoon Chae Won tells her that she likes Lee Ji Han. Sibling sends the photo of Lee Ji Han with Na A Jeong taken from the CCTV at the hotel they stayed.

Na A Jeong comes to meet Lee Do Han at his underground studio. But the passcode to the door was changed. Na A Jeong meets the guy who is in love with Lee Do Han. Lee Do Han asks her if she is Na A Jeong, the girl Lee Do Han going to marry. Later Lee Do Han and Na A Jeong meet and talk about family gatherings by Lee Do Han’s and Na A Jeong’s family.

Na A Jeong tells about the family meeting next week to her family. They are surprised of this early meeting as they are not prepared. Lee Ji Han is doing extra work, yoga and attending language classes just to turn his mind away from Na A Jeong’s thoughts. Na A Jeong gets worried and meets Lee Ji Han at the park, but he runs away after seeing her. When Lee Ji Han reached his home, Na A Jeong was there with Lee Do Han. They were planning for a family meeting. Lee Ji Han got to his room angry. Na A Jeong tries to talk to Lee Ji Han but he tells her he won’t attend the family gathering.

Yoon Chae Won meets Lee Ji Han at the company. Lee Ji Han is stressed by the work and Na A Jeong. Yoon Chae Won and Lee Ji Han go out and go for gaming to relieve their stress. Later on a stranded place, Lee Do Han asks if Lee Ji Han still has a crush on her. Yoon Chae Won proposes to Lee Ji Han that she likes him and it’s for him she approves the mall project. Everyone in both families gathered for the meeting.

Na A Jeong and Lee Do Han already predicted the meeting, how it’s gonna happen as they know their family members’ characters. Na A Jeong’s mother starts to talk about the dowry but Lee Do Han’s grandfather tells them they don’t need any dowry. Lee Do Han’s siblings start to mock on Na A Jeong’s family. But Na A Jeong’s brother-in-law asks about the downfall in stocks because of the drunk and drive case, then the siblings stop their talking. Grandfather says they won’t disclose Na A Jeong’s real identity, but Na A Jeong’s parents ask why they do that.

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When things get out of hand, Lee Ji Han starts the conversation and tells them it is for the safety of Na A Jeong and her family else reporters will harass them. As all of them leave the house, Na A Jeong calls Lee Ji Han to meet outside. When they met Na A Jeong said thanks for supporting her at the meeting. Lee Ji Han tells her that he will no longer be a problem as he accepts Na A Jeong as Lee Do Han’s wife and he walks away.

Overall this episode has many good moments of Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han. They are getting more emotionally connected. Let’s see how this gonna develop in the coming episodes.



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