Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap and Explained: Disney presents an action investigation show called Flex x cop. This South Korean drama plot revolves around a young vibrant debutant detective who team up with fellow detectives to solve crime cases. The detective is also a rich man, who got appointed as a cop due to his unexpected involvement on a robbery case.

The episode begins with the manager of the Oryun community escaping from people following him. He called Lee Kang Hyun before he left his apartment. He ran through the streets but a few thugs had already spotted him. Lee Kang Hyun immediately left her house and stood near the riverside. She kept waiting for him, but he got murdered by the thugs.

The next day morning she got a call from Jung Young about their next case. The crime spot is near where she’s standing, she immediately looks at the spot. Cops were transferring the body, she had a quick look at the things from the dead. She saw the Oryun community’s tattoo around the deceased body.

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Lee Kang Hyun got to know about the Oryun community while working along with her father at the crime department. Her father worked as a chief of police at the same station, he conducted many investigations based on the back-to-back suicides of Oryun community members. Later, her father got suspended for taking bribes during the case investigation, it’s familiar that he got trapped by the influence of the Oryun community. Lee Kang Hyun remembers the same logo after years.

She went to meet the victim’s family, and the deceased man’s sister confirmed that he was part of the Oryun community. The deceased man drowned on the river, the initial reports, but his sister confirmed that he is a professional swimming trainer and also swims through the Han River without any issues. His sister then requested an autopsy on his body.

Crime Investigation Department team 2 found the body of the Oryun community manager. He looked like fallen from the top of a building. While transferring his body, the team leader looked at his mobile phone, there he saw Lee Kang Hyun’s calls on his call history. The team leader informed his chief about the case and called Lee Kang Hyun to come to the office.

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The chief got mad about it and asked her to stay out of the case. The director of the station came in and asked her about calling the manager before he died. The chief wanted to end up the case as suicide and Lee Kang Hyun opposed it. The captain put her on two weeks’ probation for causing them trouble.

Isoo found out that something is off with Lee Kang Hyun and he asked the captain about the things that happened in past. Isoo wants to help Lee Kang Hyun, he got involved in the case somehow. Jung Young went to the forensic department to look at the autopsy results. Jung Young and Isoo found out that the man didn’t die at the river.

Lee Kang Hyun left her home for a temple stay, her mother seems worried about her. Isoo told his manager to gather information about the Oryun community. They arranged a meeting with the man in charge named Bori. Meanwhile, Lee Kang Hyun entered the community with a fake identity to gather information about the real culprit.

At the end of the episode, Lee Kang Hyun was sleeping at the dorm with her roommate. The girl was talking to Bori and also she gave them money to meet him but didn’t get a chance yet. Meanwhile, Isoo had a conversation with Bori in the community. Bori was an orphan and survived death unexpectedly, so he thought he had special powers.

He told Isoo to stay in the community for a few days to recover the memories of his mother’s death. Lee Kang Hyun escaped from the dorm at night and searched Bori’s office. She unexpectedly met Isoo at the place, they heard someone coming through the door. At the same time, the captain got a bribe from Bori to close the cases.

Overall this episode lacks engaging elements. The show dragged very much on this episode. Isoo’s screen space is pretty low in this episode. Let’s see how they gonna end this case in the next episode.



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