Wedding Impossible Episode 5 Recap: Amazon Prime presents a South Korean romance drama. The story revolves around a young man from the wealthiest family, who has many troublesome duties to take care of while having a second life in a foreign country, he joins his bestie to overcome the situation in front of his grandfather and brother to get away from the successor role.

Episode 5 opens with a young man looking at the photos of Lee Do Han. He had a close relationship with Lee Do Han in the past, he got obsessed with him for years. He went to Lee Do Han’s studio, Lee Do Han got upset after seeing him and he told him to leave. Yesterday visuals appear in Lee Ji Han’s dream, he got completely drunk and carried Na A Jeong to her house.

They both fell down on a footpath in the middle of the night. The next day morning, Lee Ji Han woke up in a bedroom, a kid entered the room and started talking with him. Later, Lee Ji Han found out that he was in Na A Jeong’s room and house. Lee Ji Han slowly realised what happened last night. The kid explained that his aunt took him to the house at midnight. Lee Ji Han got embarrassed very much and needed to escape from the house without any notice.

Lee Ji Han offered some money to the kid to look if Na A Jeong was out in the hall or not. The boy looked into the hall and said she wasn’t there, Lee Ji Han believed his words and came out of the room. Unfortunately, the whole family witnessed Lee Ji Han coming out of the room. Na A Jeong’s family made breakfast for him, and while he was eating, her parents took everyone to a steam bath club. In the house, Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong were having a conversation about last night.

Lee Ji Han opposes everything she explained to him about last night. Unfortunately, Na A Jeong already took a video of everything that happened last night. Na A Jeong starts blackmailing him for the video, Lee Ji Han gets triggered and tries to grab her mobile phone. They got onto the floor while having a fight, suddenly the bell rang inside the house.

Lee Do Han visited Na A Jeong’s house to enquire about her sudden missing. She didn’t sign the contract yet and also their New York flight tickets were destroyed by someone. Lee Ji Han listened to their conversation outside the home, he suddenly interfered with the conversation. Lee Do Han was surprised to see Lee Ji Han at Na A Jeong’s house. Lee Do Han kept everything hidden from his family and Lee Ji Han. Later, Lee Ji Han and Lee Do Han had an argument because of this, both went their separate ways.

Later, Na A Jeong went to visit Lee Ji Han at his office to give back his dress. Lee Ji Han was having a conversation with Yoon Chae Won about Na A Jeong, he expressed that Na A Jeong is the worst girl he knows.

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Na A Jeong listened to his conversation from behind and beat his head with a cover. She got mad at him and they both had a big argument at the top of the building. Later, Yoon Chae Won met the chairman and he expressed his disappointment for not giving Lee Do Han as her husband. Yoon Chae Won assured him that he still had a chance to make her daughter-in-law. Yoon Chae Won requested the chairman to allow her to marry Lee Ji Han.

The chairman accepted her request without any issues. The next day, Lee Do Han and Lee Ji Han went to pick up Na A Jeong to see their mother at the memorial. The chairman had a conversation with Na A Jeong, Lee Ji Han, Yoon Chae Won and Lee Do Han about his future plans.

At the end of the fifth episode, a cold-hearted reporter who caused the death of Lee Ji Han’s mother appears at the memorial. The chairman went overboard after seeing the reporter, and after a minor fight, the chairman left along with Lee Do Han and Na A Jeong took Lee Ji Han on a ride. The reporter later had a car chase with Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong, but somehow they both escaped from him.

Lee Do Han found out that Yoon Chae Won made a proposal in the name of Lee Ji Han with the chairman. Na A Jeong once again took Lee Ji Han to his mother’s memorial and they were covered with rain while Na A Jeong slipper and Lee Ji Han tried to catch her from falling.

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Overall episode five looks more serious and complex. The relationship conflict starts to show an unbalanced characteristic arc on Na A Jeong. The triangle relationship goes more seriously into a different perspective for the plot. Let’s see how these relationships end up on the next episode.



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