The Impossible Heir Episode 1: Disney presents a business thriller drama. The drama deals with three youngsters who bond together to help each other for bigger goals in the future. Two poor young people and an illegitimate son of a rich family try to pave their path to success is the core plot of the show. The show concentrated on the life of teenage people and their educational life.

The first episode opens with Han Taeo covered in blood. Later, he is shown travelling on a train to Maju station. After getting off the train, he looked for a house to stay. The house agent talked about a house for him, he seems okay about taking the house. After signing the agreement, Taeo saw a neighbourhood house having a luxurious party with so many guests.

He looked at the house from a distance, and he saw two sons of the Kango Group, one was standing on the top floor of the house and the other one having a party on the ground. Later, Han Taeo went to a convenience store seeking a job. They rejected his job application because he is a minor, but later he got a job in a nearby restaurant. In mean meantime, he met Kang Inha, an illegitimate son of the Kango Group. They had arguments at their first meeting.

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Han Taeo transferred to a new school, and Kang Inha is also studying on the class with him. Inha tried to bully him in the cafeteria, they later got into a fight but their teacher came in and solved the fight. Later, Han Taeo got a call from his father, who’s a murderer currently serving in jail. Kang Inha went to his home and saw his brother conducting another party with many guests, he got frustrated and left the house. Later, once again he met Han Taeo at the boxing club, they had a friendly competition at the boxing stage and Kang Inha won the match.

Slowly they started to become friends, Kang Inha dropped Taeo at his house. The next day, Inha’s friends joked about Taeo’s father who killed his wife, Inha once again got frustrated and supported Taeo as a friend. Han Taeo and Kang Inha made a deal to support and help each other with a great goal in the future. Han Taeo helped Kang Inha to get into a top university in Korea. In 2013, Han Taeo did multiple part-time jobs to make his ends meet. At the Same time, the friendship with Kang Inha has been solid for years.

During Taeo’s birthday, Kang Inha had a party at his apartment and celebrated with him. Han Taeo did all the assignments and project work for Inha. Meanwhile, Inha came up with a job offer at Kango family house, and Han Taeo joined as a tutor to Inha’s sister.

Han Taeo on the way to college, met a girl at the opposite house, then again he met her at the college. Later, at the cafeteria, Kang Inha talked about the girl, whose name is Na Hye won. Later, on the same day, Kang Inha invited her to his house along with Han Taeo. They all seemed mingled with each other as good friends and had some drinks. Na Hye Won had a similar life to Han Taeo, where they witnessed abuse from their parents.

After the drinks party, Kang Inha expressed his interest in Na Hye won, he wants to be her boyfriend. But without any thought, she rejected his proposal. Later, Han Taeo and Na Hye Won left Inha’s house and travelled on a bus. After reaching their homes, they both gathered again for another drink. There they expressed their goals and Na Hye requested help from Han Taeo to achieve her goals.

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Overall the pilot episode itself was very interesting. The first episode had some fun at the start, but it won’t last for a long time. The next episodes will be pretty much serious. Han Taeo and Kang Inha’s combination scenes were blissful to watch. Can’t wait to watch the next episodes.



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