Death And Other Details Episode 7 Recap and Explained: Hulu presents an investigative crime thriller show. The plot revolves around a cruise ship full of wealthy people. An unexpected murder of a wealthy man inside the cruise ship leads to the revealing many dirty secrets of the collier family.

The seventh episode begins with Rufus Coteworth explaining every details about Kira’s death, Imogene’s mother. Rufus started telling everything to Imogene from his past on his perspective of view. Rufus took the case mainly for Lawrence Collier’s money, but Danny warned him that the case is high profile.

Danny and Rufus went to Collier’s house on car, Rufus entered the house and asked for Little Imogene. Rufus interrogated everyone at the house, each of them talked positively about kira.

She was a good person, energetic and kind to everyone. She didn’t date anyone, also rejected Llewellyn’s proposal. Later, Danny came to Rufus’s office and showed him Kira’s secret date book. By looking into the book, they felt something off with it. There’s been a page missing from her book. There’s been an opal dinner on February 12th , which was one month before her murder.

Death And Other Details Episode 7 Summary

Rufus and Danny visited the restaurant and interviewed a worker who saw Kira on that day. The worker said that Kira visited the restaurant many times, but on that day she argued with someone. Her kid, little Imogene was with her on that day. Fifteen years after the death, Llewellyn got angry and confronted Rufus and ordered him to stop disturbing Lawrence Colliers. In 2005, the Colliers blamed Rufus for not sleeping because of the investigations. But later, he was dismissed from the case by Lawrence Collier.

At present, Imogene Scott talked with Rufus to bring back her memory details. She found out that she was there when her mom had a meeting at Opal diner. Imogene suddenly went through her past memories, inti her little Imogene days. She entered the restaurant and met her little version there. They kept talking to themselves, little Imogene said that she wouldn’t break her promise and show who was talking with her mom.

Then suddenly her memory shifted to the day when her mom died. She sat next to her mother and started talking about the promise she made.

The seventh episode ends with Rufus convincing Imogene to remember deeply about the past events with her mother. Suddenly once again her memory appears and little Imogene starts showing the hidden memories at the restaurant. She heard her mom arguing with a woman, Imogene slowly opened the door and saw Governor Alexandra.

Imogene’s mom was talking about a case that happened at Collier Mills, were a few staff’s got died. When she got back to Imogene a woman with a mole was sitting in front of her, it was none other than Celia Chun. At present, Imogene went directly to Celia and confronted her.

Overall the seventh episode revealed more hidden secrets of Imogene’s mother. The episode got more engaging than before. The episode was solely concentrated on Imogene which makes her character solid. Let’s see how much twists gonna reveal in upcoming episodes.

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