‘Berlin’ Episode 2: Episode 1 ends on a pretty well note. The series starts with a proper Introduction of the Character and as of now, the show is going to a very fast pace. Here goes the recap, Summary, and ending Explanation of Episode 2 of the show.

Episode 2 starts with Roi and Cameron going together to take that bowl from the father. Initially, Roi was going alone, but later, Cameron joins him to assist him. Cameron and Roi try all their hard to get that bowl, but they fail badly. They were chased by the guards of the father, and they somehow manage to escape from there without that bowl. On the other hand, Berlin has a great night with Camilla, and they exchange numbers.

The next day Damian tells Roi and Cameron that their mission was a fail because after that robbery attempt, the father of the church himself returned the bowl. Berlin and Camilla meet each other again, and this time they kiss each other, and they start spending time with each other.

At night, Keila tells Cameron that she doesn’t like Bruce, but she is developing feelings for Bruce. Whenever Bruce came in front of her, she can’t control herself. The team manages to reach the point where the wall touches the auction house. Damian makes another plan that they will hack the CCTVs, and then Keila will relay the old CCTV to the guards, and meanwhile, they will dig the wall of the locker from behind.

Bruce goes to the guards at the auction house and distracts them for 3 minutes so that Keila can hack the CCTV cameras, and Bruce and Keila do their job very well, and Episode 2 ends here.

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