‘Berlin’ Episode 4: The first 3 episodes were all about the Planning and everything. If you are closely following this series you must be aware of how Damian and Berlin were Planning all this. We are covering the summary and recap of each episode of the show and here is recap of Episode 4.

The action day was here, and the team entered the auction house as per the plan, and they managed to get inside the security box. While taking the things, Damian and Berlin get involved in an argument and hit each other. The ‘thud’ sound gets noticed by the guards, but Keila manages to get rid of the situation by playing the old footage on loop, and finally, they manage to get everything from the auction house.

Now it was time to erase everything. Berlin goes to Camilla’s house, and there he plants evidence against Camilla’s husband. He also drives Camilla’s husband’s car and plants some evidence at the farmhouse of Camilla’s husband. Damian and other team members erase all other evidence, and they also fix the CCTV by doing a short circuit blast. Everything was done carefully, and now Berlin orders everyone to get locked inside the room for 2-3 days.

At night, Bruce gets to Keila and asks for her help in erasing his data as he has rented a bike with his passport. On the other hand, Roi and Cameron also go outside to enjoy a moment, and there they loot a car from the local.

Keila and Bruce get caught by the security officer at the passport office, and Episode 4 ends here.

The next episode is going to be an interesting one. How Keila and Bruce will get out from there and how much this mistake will cost to their mission it will be interesting to see in the upcoming episodes.

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