‘Berlin’ Money Heist Episode 5: Episode 4 of the show was really amazing and now after all the efforts Berlin and his team managed to rob that 44 Million worth of Jewels. Episode 4 ends with a shocking note in which we get to see that Bruce and Keila got caught by the security officer in the Passport office. How they will handle the situation? and what will happen next? Here is the recap and summary of Episode 5.

Episode 5 of the show starts at the Passport office, where we see that Keila and Bruce are surrounded by the security officers. Bruce and Keila manage to run away from there. Cameron and Koi go to a club, and there they steal a car. With that car, they go to a race circuit, and there, while racing, Cameron gets a call from her ex-boyfriend, and she has an emotional breakdown. Roi stops the car, and they lose in the race; after that, they have to hand over their car to the winners.

Cameron was feeling cold, and Roi takes her to the nearby place where Cameron tells her backstory about her singer boyfriend. Cameron tells that she used to love him badly, and she was deeply and badly in love. Cameron’s boyfriend then starts ignoring her, and she can’t handle that emotional breakdown.

The next day, Berlin asks Camilla to choose between him and her husband, and Camilla chooses her husband. Berlin was shattered to hear this, and he was broken again. On the other hand, a team of investigators starts investigating the case, and they arrest Polignac (Camilla’s Husband). The team now plans to get away from Paris with the jewels; they decide that they will go as a team, and Keila and Bruce are the first to check out from the hotel as the backpackers.

Roi, Cameron, and Damian leave the hotel as a family in a small van. Berlin takes the responsibility to clean everything after they leave. On the other hand, Camilla can’t believe that her husband can do all this. Polignac is still confused, and he has no idea how all this happened, and episode 5 ends here.

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