‘Berlin’ Episode 6 : With each passing episode, Netflix’s newly released much-awaited Show ‘Berlin’ is getting bigger and better. We are covering the episode recap of the show and here goes the recap and ending explanation of episode 6.

Episode 6 of the show starts with Camilla and Berlin together, and Camilla says that she can’t believe her husband has done this. Camilla believes that there are high chance that someone has planted all the evidence. Camilla here again says that she can’t go with Berlin now as she can’t leave her husband in this situation.

On the other hand, all the borders are sealed, and the police reach the van of Damian, Roi, and Cameron. They also get caught, but in the last moments, Cameron manages the situation very well by making a fake story of her mother’s death.

They then call Bruce and Keila to avoid taking the road route, and they ask them to travel through the jungle. Bruce apologizes for his behavior with Keila, but she ignores him. On the other hand, Damian, Roi, and Cameron decide to camp roadside for a few days to avoid getting caught.

Berlin and Camilla meet again, and here Berlin says that he will help Camilla and her husband in legal proceedings, and he will also give them money. On the other hand, that stolen car was caught by the police, and the racers tell them about Roi and Cameron’s identity, which helps the sketch maker to draw a rough and irregular sketch of them.

In the night, Keila was bitten by a snake, and Bruce removes all the venom inside her with his own mouth. The situation of Keila was not getting better, and Bruce knows that he needs to admit her to the hospital. On the other hand, Damian meets a woman in the camp, and she offers him a drink.

In the last few minutes of the show, we get to see the entry of Alicia, an investigation officer from Spain who is going to look after the case, and she will not jointly investigate the case with other investigators, and Episode 6 ends here.

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