‘Berlin’ Series Episode 7: Netflix’s original series ‘Berlin’ is now streaming on Netflix with 8 Episodes. All Episodes are around 1 Hour long and here we are covering the Episode recap of the show. For all those who don’t know, The show is show is a prequel to the Blockbuster Netflix show ‘Money Heist’

Episode 7 of the show starts with Bruce still running with Keila on his shoulder. Keila is getting unconscious, and Bruce wants to save her at any cost. Bruce stops a fast-moving car on the road, and it ends up as a police vehicle. Police take Keila to the hospital, and the treatment starts for Keila there.

On the other hand, Alicia manages to crack the code, and she gets the idea of how the robbery was done. She confirms that Camilla’s husband is just a pawn in the case, and there is something big to the case. On the other hand, we get to see that Damian gets physical with that woman in the camp.

In the next frame, we get to see that Roi and Cameron were sitting at a riverside, and during the conversation, Roi tries to kiss Cameron, but Cameron stops him. A police officer watches everything doing this, and they now start suspecting Roi. On the other hand, when Keila is being taken into the hospital, her gun gets dropped, and a police officer sees that gun dropping. Bruce immediately points a gun to the back of that officer and hijacks their car along with Keila and police officers.

On the other hand, when Damian gets to know that Berlin is still in France, he reaches France to take ‘Berlin’ from there. On the other hand, after stealing Berlin’s key card, Camilla gets to know about Berlin, that he is the man behind everything and all the robberies. Roi and Cameron’s van gets surrounded by the police officers, and Episode 7 ends here.

The final episode is going to be exciting as we are going to see how all of them will get away from there. Everyone is in trouble now, and it is going to be very tough for Roi and Cameron to get away from there.



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