‘Berlin’ Episode 1 : Netflix’s original Heist Thriller series ‘Berlin’ is now streaming with 8 Episodes. The show is a spinoff prequel to the Superhit series ‘Money Heist’, Here is the Episode-wise recap and episode 1 recap and explanation of the show.

Episode 1 of the show starts with the character introduction of all 5 characters from the show. The show starts with the heartbreak of Berlin. We get to see that his 3rd wife is also getting separated from him. The series now starts with a character introduction. Let’s talk about them one by one.

There is a woman named Keila who is a super-qualified computer hacker, and she can hack anything. The next character is Roi, who is an expert in handling locks and keys. Another character named is “Damian,” is a mastermind in planning. There is one more character whose name is ‘Bruce,’ who is a macho man and can fight and tackle anything.

The story starts with a fake raid where we get to see that Berlin and the team raid a house, and they take an old bowl from the locker and ask the master not to call the police if he doesn’t want any trouble. They now start planning for a bigger robbery with the help of that old bowl. Here we get introduced to another character named Cameron, who is a super-speed bike rider. The show now jumps to France, and there they plan to rob more than 63 jewelry sets.

Damian puts that old bowl into the ammonium chloride, and then they make a plan that they will dig a church, and from the church, they will dig an underground tunnel which will take them to the auction house. They convince the father of the church that his church is one of the oldest churches in the city, and if they dig it, they might give evidence to the public and declare it as the oldest church in Paris.

The show now jumps to the planning part where we see that Roi and Cameron go to the auctioneer’s house, and there they fit the hidden cameras so that they can track the activity of the auctioneer. Leila fits the hidden camera into the house, and in the last moments, they almost get caught, but they manage to successfully execute the plan. After the plan, in the night, Roi tells Cameron that they can’t be in any relationship, so she needs to stop staring at him.

In the night, when Berlin was keeping an eye on the auctioneer’s house, he saw his wife Camilla for the first time, and he falls for her instantly. Berlin sees that Camilla wakes up in the midnight, and she goes to the nearest club. Berlin also follows her, and he starts developing feelings for her. The next morning, they convince the father of the church that there is much more under the land of this church, and thus Father gives them 1 more week to dig in the church.

In the afternoon, Berlin goes to the nearby cafe, and there he has a short conversation with Camilla to show his presence, but the plan fails badly, and Camilla doesn’t even notice him twice. In the church, the team plans to dig a tunnel that can reach the basement of the auction area.

On the other hand, we get to see that Camilla is going for a concert, and Camilla is angry with her husband that he is not coming with her. Berlin takes it as a chance, and he goes outside his hotel and says hi to Camilla. Camilla says that she is going to the opera, and Berlin also joins her.

The father of the church, on the other hand, asks Damian to give him that bowl so that he can double-check it with Spain authorities. Damian tells this to Berlin, and Berlin asks Roi to take that bowl from the father anyhow, and episode 1 ends here.

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