“Berlin”  Money Heist Series Ending Explained: Netflix original series ‘Berlin’ which is a spinoff of the Blockbuster series ‘Money Heist’ is now streaming on Netflix. There are total 8 Episodes in the show and all are around 50 Minutes long. Here goes the ending explanation of ‘Berlin.’

“The last episode of the show starts with ‘Bruce‘ entering the Hospital by taking two Policemen Hostage, and he takes Keali from there. On the other hand, The Police led by a Spanish investigator reaches the Van of Cameron and Roi, but they had already made a great arrangement to fool those Investigative officers, and they manage to get away from there with a Tunnel.

On the other hand, Camille found out a gun in the room of Berlin, and he is now on the suspect list. Berlin and Damian are still at the Hotel, and now the Investigator Officers have an idea that someone was spying on the Auctioneer, and there are high chances that the Spy is living in the Hotel opposite to the house of Camilla.

'Berlin' and Money Heist Are Linked

Cameron and Roi reach a Food delivery area through the tunnel. Cameron and Roi fix themselves on the top of the Truck under the Plastic cover. On the other hand, Camilla gets to know that Berlin is the man behind all this, and she saw the model of their house in the Hotel room of Berlin. Camilla decides that she will tell everything to the Police, but all of a sudden, she sees some pictures of her husband, and she is shocked to see that her husband was already married to someone else, and he also has a kid with that woman.

In the last moments, Camilla decides that she will not tell anything to the police. On the other side, Keali and Bruce manage to get a boat for themselves, and they also manage to escape from the Police. On the other hand, Roi and Cameron also manage to get away from the Police after a thrilling escape.

Commissioner Lavelle reaches the Hotel where the team was staying, and there they get confirmation that there are some Spanish men living in the hotel for the last few weeks. Police lock everything in the hotel, and they start monitoring the security camera. Berlin asks Keila to cut off all the CCTV of the hotel so that they can get out from there. Keila was in the ocean, but after a few minutes, she manages to erase all the data, and Berlin and Damian manage to get away from that Hotel. On the other hand, Camilla’s friend advises that they will look for Berlin and then will ask for a 40% share in the robbed amount.

The story now jumps to Roi and Cameron, where we get to see that they are in Spain now on the truck, and here Roi tells his that her Mother died in his childhood and his father was a very toxic father. Bruce and Keila also manage to escape through a boat. Bruce confesses his love to Keila, and she also accepts his proposal, and they get physical in the boat.

Cameron and Roi also have feelings for each other, and they also kiss each other. Berlin and Damian ride a bicycle through the mountain for 4 continuous days, and finally, they manage to reach the destination. They all go underground for weeks and months.

"Bruce" In Berlin Money Heist

Ending Explained

The story now jumps 4 months later, where we get to see that Camilla reaches the house of ‘Berlin’. Camilla says that she wants to be with him, and here Berlin tells everything to Camilla about his real name, identity, and everything about the robbery and all. The shocking part is that Camilla had a mic and tracker inside her, and Camilla’s friend was recording everything Berlin was saying. The next day, Camilla goes to Berlin’s house once again, and there she asks for 4 Lakhs pounds. She also said that if Berlin doesn’t give her money, she will give that recorded tape to the Police.

At the next moment, she was shocked to see that the tape was erased by someone, and there was nothing inside that tape. Berlin still gives the money to Camilla, and Camilla leaves from there with her friend. In the last moments of the show, we get to see that Berlin and Damian are planning again to do another Heist, and there are high chances that it will be season 2 for us.

The show ends on a happy note, but many of you may ask a question that Camilla and Berlin Ended Up Together or not? The answer is Yes. There are high chances that Camilla realizes that Berlin loves her so much that he doesn’t even care about his money. There are high chances that she will return to Berlin, and we will get the official confirmation in the season 2 of the show.”



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