‘Berlin’ Episode 3:  The first two episodes of the show ‘Berlin’ were pretty average for me. The episodes are long and follow the same old Pattern. Hope episode 3 and all other upcoming episodes offer something new. For all those who are new to the article, We are covering the Episode-wise recap of the show, and here is recap of episode 3.

Episode 3 of the show starts with the next part of the plan. The team then cuts the steel chamber from the back, and Keila plays the old CCTV on a loop so that guards know nothing about it. They do the trial, and they manage to do that very well. Berlin asks them to relax, and now they need to wait for the auction day.

Berlin and Camilla meet in a restaurant, and Camilla asks Berlin to get physical in that public bathroom. Meanwhile, Camilla was shocked to see that her husband is also there, but Berlin handles the situation, and Camilla introduces Berlin as an art dealer.

On the other hand, Damian gets a call from his wife that she doesn’t want to be with him, and she wants to live with someone else. Damian was broken after this, and he has nothing to say. Camilla and Berlin meet at the some faraway location, and they get physical with each other.

On the same day, Camilla gets a call from her husband, and her husband says that he knows everything about her and her affair with Berlin (although he has no idea about Berlin’s real name and identity). On the other hand, Roi informs Berlin that the robbery needs to be done today as the auction is also rescheduled. Berlin was shocked to see that Camilla regrets the relationship with him, and she doesn’t want to be with him, and the episode ends here.

The next Day is going to be a challenging one for Berlin. He has to fix his relationship with Camille and on the other hand he has to also take care of his mission. Episode 4 is going to be an interesting one as we will get to see how the team performs their task.

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