Andes crash Survivors Today: A plane crash in 1972 shocked the world. Recently, Netflix presented a Spanish Survival Drama film, “Society of the Snow,” which is based on that shocking event of 1972. The movie is originally adapted from the book “Society of the Snow” by Pablo Vierci.

In 1972, a group of Uruguayan Rugby players and others embarked on a trip to Santiago. While crossing the great Andean Mountain range, they were unaware of the upcoming danger. A snowy blizzard weakened their plane. Soon, the tail end of the plane was hit by an avalanche, causing the plane to completely break. It crashed in the middle of snowy mountains with a temperature of minus 86 degrees. In this situation, 40 people, who were barely alive, couldn’t survive for long. In the end, only 16 people survived.

This is the story of these 16 people, how they fought the situation, how they stayed strong, and how they got rescued. After fighting in that tough situation for nearly 71 days, Roberto and Nando were finally rescued. They trekked in the mountains for nearly 10 days to find any trace of land, and they successfully did it. Now, everyone has one question left: where are these 16 people now?

In this article, we are going to discuss where the Andes survivors are Now?

  1. Roberto Canessa, one of the two survivors who trekked the big mountain for help, became a cardiologist in Uruguay. Roberto is currently 73 years old and leading his life.
  2. Parrado, the one who took the initiative to trek down the mountain, is now a motivational speaker and writer.
  3. Roy Harley, who passed away at the age of 70, died in 2018.
  4. Carlos Páez became a motivational speaker and writer too. He is now 70 years old.
  5. Eduardo Strauch, who survived the trauma of the accident, currently works as an architect and leads a simple life.
  6. Alfredo is leading a happy life with his wife and children.
  7. Antonio Vizintin has had a rough life. His first wife divorced him while his second one died. He is now in Carrasco.
  8. Javier Methol died at the age of 79.
  9. Jose Luis Inciarte died on July 27, 2023.
  10. Pedro Algorta is leading his life in Uruguay.
  11. Ramon Sabella is taking care of the family business.
  12. Adolfo Strauch is also alive and leading a beautiful life with his family.
  13. Gustavo Zerbino is now 70 years old and has become a motivational speaker.
  14. Alvaro Mangino has become a grandfather now and is living a simple life.
  15. Roberto Francois works as an agricultural technician. With his family, he is also leading a simple life.
  16. Daniel Fernandez is also a motivational speaker.

These are all the Andes survivors. They are leading quiet lives. The movie “Society of the Snow” is currently streaming on Netflix with multiple languages, along with subtitles.



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