“Masters Of The Air” Real Vs Reel: In nine episodes AppleTV+ released a war history mini series “Masters of the Air” from the creators of popular “Band of Brothers”, with the executive producers Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

This series is adapted from the best-selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller. The series tells the story of American bomber groups who fought against Nazis in World War II. The hard work and sacrifices of the soldiers were detailed in the series.

The story revolves around some characters who were heroes of the Air War at those times. Major John Egan, Major Gale Cleven and many of the legendary soldier’s real story was told in this series. Started the series in a normal way with the crews coming to Thorpe Abbots for the missions against the Germans. Major John Egan and Major Gale Cleven were very good friends for some time.

The series does not detail how they met and how their friendship got better back then. They just showed as they were great friends before. Major John Egan and Major Gale Cleven and other crews went on many missions there. Many missions they get lost and many they got successful. But in the end, the crews that came back gradually decreased.

On a mission, Major Gale Cleven was lost. Major John Egan was on holiday at that time. Major John Egan came back to camp to revenge on the loss of Major Gale Cleven. Later Major John Egan was also hit by German fighter planes. Major John Egan tried to escape but was caught up in prison, but there he met Major Gale Cleven again.

The series’ creators covered many good portions of the real story. They took only important parts that are needed for the development of characters and that are needed for viewers to know the important events that happened. The cast who portrayed Major John Egan Major Gale Cleven and other characters looked similar to the real persons. The actors did their best to portray those characters. We can see them as real as it is in their natural acting. We can’t see any exaggerated acting or dull expressions from the cast.

Creators covered most of the details related to the history of them. Even the costume and art department did their best to recreate those old moments. From their looks to the fighter planes, they detailed everything to make it more accurate to the original history. With the executive producers legendary Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg, you can’t expect less. They force their limits to show how accurately they can portray it.

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The air fighting scenes also showed how their real way of work inside these bomber flights gonna be. The creators covered the fighting tactics, patriotism and mainly they covered the bond between Major John Egan and Major Gale Cleven. The whole series travelled by their bond and emotions. Every department did its best to make everything understandable and interesting.

In every aspect, the series justified the real incidents and characters. Without any dull moments, the creators made this story in an emotional and gripping way. Kudos to the creators for the efforts they put on making it more accurate and enjoyable.



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