Ramon Sabella Real Image, Where Is He Now? | Andes Plane Crash Survivors

Ramon Sabella Real Image, Where Is He Now?: We are covering all the Survived characters from the Andes 1972 Plane Crash and one of the survivors for the film is ‘Ramon Sabella’. Here are the details about him and we are going to tell you what happened to him and where he is now.

In the “Society of the Snow” movie, the character of “Ramon Sabella” is played by Rocco Posca. He has acted in movies like “Bigli” (2021) and “Gato Negro” (2014).

During the 1982 horrible plane incident, only 16 people survived. In this list, Ramon Sabella is one of them. Let’s know where he is now & how he is spending his own life.

Ramon Sabella, also known as “Moncho,” is a Rugby player of the team. He barely survived from the 1982 plane accident. At high altitudes, he ate human flesh to survive in that situation. He was born in Uruguay on February 17, 1951. After surviving from the Andean Mountain, he chose a simple life by not sharing his experience.

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But later, he started to motivate people, as his survival story had a huge impact on the current generation. He also takes care of the family business. Ramon Sabella is completely fine and leading a good life at the age of 72. His survival journey in that coldest situation will always give a spine-chilling story.

That’s everything about Ramon Sabella. However, we didn’t have enough information about him. But now he is leading a great life with his family.


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