“Society of the Snow” Ending Explained: Netflix presents a Spanish Survival Drama series, “Society of the Snow.” It is the story of a plane that consists of 40 passengers along with 5 crew members, which crashed in the Andean Mountain range. This is a tale of 16 survivors who endured 71 days in the Andean Mountains and finally emerged victorious in this deadly journey.

This story is about a rugby team that is quite popular in their college. They are ready for a trip because soon their college life is gonna end. So they want to go to Santiago de Chile for just 45 dollars. Numa Turcatti is the storyteller of this movie until his last breath. He joined with his friends on this tour. They are so excited because this is gonna be their most adventurous trip with some girls too. Most of the boys are young, and their age is nearly 25 years.

Numa Turcatti, Fernando “Nando” Parrado, Roberto Canessa, Javier Methol, Pancho, Gaston, Alexis Hounié, Enrique Platero, Felipe Maquirriain, Francisco Abal, Captain General Carlos Páez. These are the most notable characters of this movie. The plane flies above the Andes Mountain, a beautiful mountain range covered with snow that really catches their attraction. But you must know behind beauty hides horror.

Roberto Society Of The Snow

They first felt some turbulence. The warm winds from the plains of Argentina collide with the cold winds of the mountain & create a suction effect. That’s why the mountain range attracted planes. So, some turbulence creates. But soon the plane entered into the blizzard. Pilot instructed everyone to tighten their seatbelt as the nature became horrible. The plane unable to fight with the gusty winds. The pilots somehow took it out from the storm but after that, a big mountain standing in front of their plane. With a powerful push, they somehow took the frontal part of the plane’s body above the mountain but didn’t notice that it’s too much height for that plane.

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As the tail end of the plane was destroyed by the Mountain range. The plane totally loses its control and falls down in the middle of these snowy mountains. The plane skidded horribly into the snow. Most people die almost instantly. And the rest were seriously injured. The rest somehow escaped the plane and saved themselves. Someone went back to the pilot and turned on his radio to see if it was working. But nothing works; everything is broken. Only some people and their light of hope are alive. The nights come out to be the biggest threat with an 86-degree drop. The cold is such a horrible that can turn red blood into blue ice.

Everybody comes closer to surviving the first night. Next morning they come out from the plain. Later we know that Three died Pancho, Marcelo & Martinez Lamas. Where, Gaston, Daniel, Guido & Alexis also fell from the plane yesterday. Every time Numa gives them hope to fight in this situation and they ask everyone for searching the tail end of the plane which consists of the batteries. But they have literally no idea about how big the place is. We know the whole story in the voice of Numa. Whenever Numa loses his hopes of survival he saw Nando aka Fernando Parrado, who still holds beyond the mountain the Green Valley of Chile is waiting for them.

But how can they survive without food? The last food already ended a few days ago. Only thing to survive in this situation is to eat the human flesh. They thought a lot, felt hesitant but right in this situation, their first job is to survive somehow. So, they started to eat human flesh of the dead bodies. The Strauch cousins have the most difficult job. Fito Strauch chooses the bodies & then others cut those bodies in secret so that no one could see those intense scenes. And those unable to eat those flesh they watch at the sky for any help.

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10 days with 66 search & rescue mission conducted to search the survivors. Also, 17 planes from the Chilean Air force & Argentinian air force also tried a lot to find them. But they unable to find any trace. So they will continue their search operation on the next year. Thus, all their hopes are shattered. In this situation how they survived became a huge tragedy. As because they didn’t lose their hope.

Nando Society Of The Snow

The Ending

Numa died on 11th December 1972 in sleep. He survived the fight & at the end died hopelessly. He is the most positive person in the whole team; he asks everyone to go out & searching for the tail end to find out the batteries. But for the infection, he died. After that, we saw the story of Stubborn Nando, watching his friend’s death he made up his mind to go and found the valley of Chile.

Roberto Canessa & Fernando “Nando” Parrado started their journey for searching the green in this Icy desert. Reaching at the top they realize they just saw only 5% of this mountain range.

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Because the place is so huge to cross. But Nando already made up his mind that he can’t go back, so he along with Canessa again started their journey. They walk & walk founding with the hope survival, day & nights passed away & still say walking. At the end, they finally found a valley, where water is flowing slowly. Watching the river flow their hope became increased. And then they saw a cowboy there. After walking 10 days they finally saw hope. In the plane already 14 people are there. They must somehow rescue them. Soon, reporters & rescue team arrived.

Society Of The Snow
Ending Of Society Of The Snow

After 71 days, December 22, 1972 rescue plan went to find others. Roberto Canessa, Gustavo Zerbino, Eduardo Strauch, Alvaro Mangino, Fernando Nando Parrado, Antonio Vizintin, Pedro Algorta, Alfredo Delgado, Roy Harley, Jose Luis Inciarte, Ramon Sabella, Javier Methol, Carlitos Miguel Páez, Roberto Francois, Daniel Fernandez, Adolfo Strauch, these are the last survivors.

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After a huge fight finally, the helicopter reached, a moment of joy & happiness. As they are now returning home after 71 days. The lonely & the wrecked plane standing at the middle of the white snow.

22 December 1972. 16 Survivors come back to their home from the Great Andean Mountain Range. The homecoming is overwhelming. Everybody is enjoying & wants to touch them. “Society of the Snow” is currently streaming now on Netflix with Hindi, English language along with subtitles.



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