Roberto Canessa Andes Plane Crash: Netflix presents “Society of the Snow,” a Spanish survival drama movie. The movie is adapted from the book “Society of the Snow” by Pablo Vierci.

After a long 71 days, two people among the 16 members crossed the entire Andean Mountain to seek help. These two individuals are Roberto Canessa and Fernando “Nando” Parrado. In this article, we are going to discuss Roberto Canessa, where he is now, and how he is leading his life.

Before starting the discussion, let’s have a quick recap of the story. The story is about a group of Uruguayan rugby players who went on a trip to Santiago de Chile. However, during the crossing of the Great Andean Mountain Range, their plane brutally crashed. After a long 71 days, they finally got rescued.

Roberto Canessa is the most active player on the rugby team. That’s why he is so active in any situation. Sometimes he loses his hope but still urges to stay alive. While they lose all their food and are unable to understand how to survive, he gives the idea to his fellow friends to eat human flesh to survive in the tough situation. They collect the flesh from the dead bodies and then eat those.

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First of all, this is very monstrous behavior we thought, but in that horrible situation, only those flesh help them to stay alive. Those also give him too much energy, so he did a long 10 days trekking with his friend Parrado. For his bravery, everybody who was left there survives at last. That’s how Roberto Canessa is a crucial person in this horrible accident.

In the movie, the character of “Roberto Canessa” is played by 22-year-old actor Matías Recalt. This is his first movie. Apart from this, he has done series like “Planners” & “Apache.”

Roberto Canessa was born on 17th January 1953 in Uruguay. He was a great rugby player and one of the survivors among the 16 survivors. After fighting for 71 days, he, along with Nando, got rescue help for themselves and others. After returning from the Andes, he began to study for a medical degree. After that, he studied and worked as a pediatric cardiologist.

He is now a Uruguayan pediatric cardiologist as well as a motivational speaker. He got married in 1976 to Laura Surraco, and now he is a father of three children. In 1994, he also ran for president of Uruguay for the Blue party. Later, he was offered the position of Vice President but turned down the offer.

Roberto Canessa is leading a happy life with his wife and children. Right now, he is 70 years old.

“Society of the Snow” is currently streaming on Netflix with multiple languages along with subtitles.

Roberto Canessa, the survivor, the doctor, the inspirer

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