Neerja Madhvan IPS Bastar Real Story: Adah Sharma starrer Bastar: The Naxal Story is finally streaming on ZEE5 now. It’s true that the story of the film is based on true incidents but we all know that the filmmaker adds some fictional touch to make the story more appealing. In the article, we are going to discuss about the actual truth behind the scenes and characters shown in this movie.

The overall story of the film revolves around the lead character IPS Neerja Madhavan, a lady IPS officer who is running multiple operations in Chhattisgarh to neutralize Naxalites in that area. Along with her, we will also discuss about another main character shown in this film Rajendra Karma, who played the role of a local politician.

Let’s discuss these things one by one starting with the lead character shown i.e. IPS Officer Neerja Madhavan. So before we deep dive into the facts, let me clarify this the role of Neerja Madhavan is not inspired by any real-life IPS officer although it shows the challenges an officer needs to face while carrying out an operation.

In fact, Neerja’s role is actually inspired by many real-life IG officers who have been fighting day and night to ensure law and order in society. One of the famous names is IG Kalluri. IG Kalluri, is an officer who holds the image of a hero as well as of a villain for society. The media has varying comments on him with mixed emotions.

IG Kalluri
IG Kalluri

Some say he is the hero who saved Bastar district from Naxal attacks where whereas some find him as a villain who misuses his power which brought multiple human rights violation charges on him.

Now if we talk about our 2nd lead character, Rajendra Karma, then his role in the film is actually inspired by a real-life Congress politician Mahendra Karma. In the film, we get to know about the Salwa Judum movement which was launched against the rising terror of Naxalites in Chhattisgarh, so in real life, Mahendra Karma is the man behind that movement. Near the end of the film, we also get to see that Rajendra Karma was brutally killed by the Naxals similarly in the same way on 25 May 2013, Mahendra Karma was killed in a Naxal attack.

Also, there is a scene where we see that 76 CRPF soldiers were killed by Naxals in an ambush which is inspired by true event which occurred in Chhattisgarh on 7 April, 2010 where 76 CRPF officers were ambushed by the Naxals in an attack.

Mahendra Karma

Finally coming to the end of the film, we saw how the police officers got hold of Naxal’s Chief Commander and shot him down which is somewhat inspired by the true event as a Deputy Chief Commander of Naxal was caught and killed by police officers in Kondagaon of Chhattisgarh in 2016.

In conclusion, the film Bastar: The Naxal Story is a brutal film that shows us how due to the failure of an ecosystem, thousands of people losses their lives. This film is now available on the OTT platform, Zee5 in Hindi language as well, if you haven’t watched it yet, you can get it from there and for more such stories.



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