‘Pedro Algorta’ Andes Plane Crash Survivor: Netflix presents a Spanish Survival Drama movie “Society of the Snow” based on a real-life incident. The movie is adapted from the book “Society of the Snow” by Pablo Vierci.

A group of Uruguayan Rugby players went on a trip to Santiago, but their plane crashed in the Andean Mountain range. Among 40 members, only 16 people survived in that horribly cold place. Among these survivors, Pedro Algorta & Ramon Sabella are also highlighted.

In this article, we are going to discuss where they are & how they are leading their lives. Before starting the discussion, let’s have a quick understanding of the story of this movie. The movie depicts the horrible incident of the 1972 plane crash in the Andean Mountain range. In this accident, 16 people survived. The movie shows their journey and their hard work.

In the movie, the character of “Pedro Algorta” is played by Luciano Chatton. This is his first film, and we don’t have much information about the actor.

Pedro Algorta is among the 16 members who barely survived from the tough situation. His stubborn behavior helps him survive in that situation. We are going to learn about his real life.

Pedro Algorta was born in Uruguay in August 1951. He was just 21 years old when the plane crashed in the Andean Mountain range. As a rugby player, he had great energy & power, which helped him survive 71 days inside the abandoned plane. He survived the extremely cold situation by eating human flesh. In December, he and his whole team were rescued.

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After that incident, he went to Buenos Aires to continue his studies in Economics science. In 1982, he finally earned Master Degrees from Stanford University. He married Maria Noelle Sauval and became the father of two children. He is alive and leading a beautiful life with his family in Uruguay.

Pedro Algorta - Wikidata

That’s all about Pedro Algorta, who is leading a good life. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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