Masters of the Universe Revolution Episode 1: “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” is a recently streamed Netflix original animated adventure action English show available on Netflix with 5 episodes in the English language only, along with English subtitles. We are going to post a detailed episode recap of all episodes. Do check it out.

Episode 1 starts with the narrator telling about the universe and the special powers of champions, and the episode begins, “Even For Kings.” After that, we can see Scare Glow talking to a guy and telling him about Hell. The guy he was talking to is named “Adam.” Adam came with Orko inside the cave. Scare Glow was shocked to see Adam, the champion.

Adam started telling Scare Glow that he didn’t come to fight; he wanted some help from Scare Glow regarding his friends who went missing in Serbtania. Scare Glow attacked them, but Orko created a shield. Adam said, “Time for Plan B,” and he also started a fight, evolving himself.

More champions came to help Adam. Scare Glow and Adam were having sword fights. Adam’s dad also came to help him. His father said to Adam, “Go get Himesh, son,” and he attacked Scare Glow.

Scare Glow fell on the floor, and they were leaving his place. Suddenly, Scare Glow tried to escape from that place to kill He-Man, but he wasn’t able to get outside, and all champions left. Adam’s dad’s health was not well; he started coughing. On the other side, a new demon, “Skeletek,” was planning something new, and he surrendered his life to tech only.

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Mistress Motherboard was telling the Horde Army head about Skeletek. Adam got angry when he came to know about King’s health. He said to Teela, “Save my dad,” but King neglected and started explaining to Adam, “Death comes for all of us.” King wanted to talk to Adam alone.

Teela was reading a new spell; she tried very hard. Orko asked her about that spell. She was doing all this for King Randor. King thanked his wife and his son. He suggested Adam to tell about his feelings to Teela.

Sorceress asked for help from her mother. Teela said, “I have been trying to restore Preternia using the power of Grayskull.” She wasn’t able to do it, and she thought she’s weak. But her mother said she’s not weak, and there are some special powers in the wand of Sorceress.

Sorceress was going alone to a dangerous place. On the other side, King was dying and given all responsibilities to Adam. King also said, “Your place is there in this place as Prince Adam.” He made his wife and son very emotional. Adam was crying; his dad passed away. The day came where Queen Marlena has to crown Prince Adam.

The coronation of Adam started; he was giving a speech in front of everyone and telling them about the memories of King. He was missing his Billow Bile, which his dad made for him.

Suddenly, someone said to Adam, “Then don’t accept the crown,” and he came in front of everyone. He’s Keldor, the brother of Randor. He said that he’s the rightful ruler of Eternos.

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