Zoya Ivanova In Jack Ryan Season 3: In episode 1, we see this season starts with Zoya Ivanova, who is a Minister Counselor in the Russian Embassy, which is situated in Rome, while she also works as an asset, and we find out she would never lie to Jack as they are very old friends.

Following that, we see her hand over a small chip and learn about the Sokol Project, which was closed in 1969 but is now being reactivated by the Russians. She’ll tell him to hurry up and tell his informants where she got this information about the project before it destroys the world.

After a long time, we again see Zoya and find out she is active with the people and can easily understand who is falling for her and what they want. When Zoya returned home, we discovered that Jack had already arrived and asked her to arrange a meeting with her source so that he could begin the project.

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Luca Goncharov is present when she pings him on the location of the source, which is discovered to be the Zoya source, and tells him about their plans to transport uranium for their mission.



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