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Alice In Borderland Season 1 Recap – What Happened So Far? | Netflix

Alice In Borderland Season 1 Recap: Alice In Borderland Season 2 is just arriving shortly on the streaming giant after a long wait for the manga and the LIVE-Action fans. We want to see Alice uncover the whole mystery as in who is the game master behind all this and find a way to come back to the normal world and there are some deadly consequences waiting for him.

However, Season 2 is around the corner so if you’re curious about what might have happened in Season 1, you’re at the right place. We’ve got you covered.

Season 1 Recap

During the last challenge of Season 1, Momoka is found dead on The Beach’s lobby with a knife in her chest and the challenge is to find the witch that killed her and burn that witch into the Fire of Judgement. However, this turns everything into a spiral after Aguni orders the militants to kill everyone and then burn.

Turns out that Aguni was taking his frustration out on the people because of this his best friend Hatter had turned into a completely different person to the point that Aguni had to kill him. Aguni was later confronted by Alice who is rescued by Usagi and a couple of different people and Aguni beats up Alice pretty badly taking out his anger on him.

Did Alice Die?

Alice who realizes that there is a way in a Hearts game for everyone to stay alive moves ahead to tell the people that it is Momoka herself who is the witch and that is confirmed by Ann who finds out that the knife had reverse grip fingerprints which means it was Momoka who killed herself making her the witch.

But before everyone could burn Momoka’s body, Niragi who was burned by Murakami comes back and starts to shoot everyone and in that, Agumi who is haunted by killing his best friend takes several gunshots but is able to put Niragi out of everyone’s way.

The challenge ends with the burning of Momoka’s body and with it, the whole of the mansion called “The Beach” burns as well.

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Ending Explained

In the end, we see Alice and Usagi alive but before that, he takes Asahi’s phone in which he finds a recorded video that shows that both Asahi and Momoka were actually working as dealers who help facilitate the games and sometimes they join the games to act as taggers or act as players to confuse other players.

However, they are also being monitored during the games and would be killed if they revealed this information to any other player. Alice and Usagi see in the video the control room where people are betting on the players who are playing the games but after going there, they find all of those people dead with the lasers meaning there is someone else above them who had killed them as well.

Alice and Usagi find Murakami and Kuina there who came there with another clue. Murakami now has all the number cards and then there’s a broadcast on all the screens which shows Mira, Hatter’s girl who tells the players that there’s going to be more games and this time, they will be face card games meaning harder the levels and in the end, we see the four players playing for a King of Spades card.

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