Salesman Of The Year Review: Mx Playing is getting worst with each passing day and today they released another Cringe content that makes no sense at all, Mx Player original web series Salesman Of The Year released today on the Platform and here goes the Review of the show.

The show stars Hussan Dalal in the main lead role as Karthik Reddy, The show also stars Ahsaas Channa, Vikhyat Gulati, Naman Arora, and others in crucial roles, The show has 5 Episodes and all are around 30 Minutes long, The show is now available to watch in Hindi audio version with subtitles.

The Plot of the show revolves around Karthik Reddy who Just moved to Delhi as a Salesman in a Company, How Delhi welcomes him and how he is going to handle the Company pressure, The show is all about that.

I was shocked to see what Ahsaas Channa is doing here, She was very bad in the show and it was not for her for sure, Half of the credit goes to the Script of the show too, This is surely her Poorest show date, and even the 10 Minutes Youtube shows of her are better than this. It looks like things are not going well, a few months back he was trolled by the dialogues in Brahmastra and now the show is beyond that, He was very bad in the show, and all thanks to Silly writing and Forced advertisements. The rest of the other actors were average and they make no sense at all.

The story writing is Pathetic and there are forced advertisements all over the show, There is an advertisement for Engine Oil, Beer, An Investment app, and a Whole Bike, it looks like that episode was Just written to Connect the advertisements.

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The show looks cheap, the music and BGM were also average and the story is Very slow and Predictable, The episodes are short yet offer nothing, There is no fun, no thrill, no suspense nothing in the show.

I am going with 1 out of 5 stars for the show, Better to go for the Youtube Web Shows on ‘The Timelines’ or the TVF, the Show is Crap and Just full of silly advertisements. If you still want to watch it, You can have a look at it on the Mx Player.

Rating: 1/5



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