Dmitry Popov Assassination?: In episode 1, we see that a Russian defense minister named Dmitry Popov called and scheduled a meeting with Czech Republic President Alena Kovac to discuss recent updates on the plans that NATO offered to the Czech Republic to create a launch station in Czech for their missiles.

She tells Popov that she may decline NATO offers if Russia helps her stop its incursion in Ukraine and that, as a result, the Czech Republic does not need NATO protection. On the other side, we see that Popov doesn’t like her offers and also warns her that her every action may lead to her destruction.

After that day, we see that Alena feels that she has not done OK with Popov, and for the sake of saying sorry to him, she plans to meet him in person. So, she decided to set up a meeting at a football match in the Czech Republic, but everything went wrong, and at the match, someone shot Minister Popov in front of Alena, which changed everything about them.

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Who Ordered Popov’s Assassination?

After In the second episode, we see that Petrov is behind all of this because he knows that after Popov’s death, he will be Russia’s next defense minister, We see Petrov plan the defense with the help of Alena’s head of security, Radek Breza, where we see he hires someone to wait on him, and after that, Radek kills the shooter.

What Is The Motive Behind The Death Of Popov?

After the death of Dmitry Popov, Petrov plans to stop the negotiations with the Czech Republic, and after that, he will start a secret project called the Sokol Project, where they develop a nuclear missile that brings glory to their country and destroys others.

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