Wonderful World Episode 13: Disney+ presents a revenge thriller Korean drama “Wonderful World” in fourteen episodes. Eun Soo Hyun’s son got in an accident and died which made her in depression. As the killer walked away without any sentences Eun Soo Hyun drove the car over him and killed him.

The court gave 7 7-year sentence to Eun Soo Hyun. After her 7 years jail life sentence she came to her home. But there were things that happened which were unexpected for her, and as she started digging into those she found the whole thing was a lie. What will she do in this situation is the plot of this drama.

We know that Eun Soo Hyun knows Kwon Sun Yool is the son of the guy she killed in revenge for killing her son. Also, she knows Kwon Sun Yool is revenging on what happened to his dad. Yuri’s photo with Kang Soo Ho was seen by Eun Soo Hyun’s mother. Kwon Sun Yool got his revenge on Eun Soo Hyun by breaking the bond inside her family. Now Eun Soo Hyun was left with her mother only. Also, Kwon Sun Yool lost his mother who was in a coma after an accident. Kwon Sun Yool did her funeral and Eun Soo Hyun also came there to show her respect.

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In the last two episodes, there were many plot twists. Especially it was clear that all this was Kim Joon’s doing. The real person who hit Eun Soo Hyun’s son that day was Kim Joon. Kwon Sun Yool’s father was with Kim Joon in his car that day. After the hit kid didn’t die, they could have saved him but Kim Joon thought of his future as a politician and put the kid there. Kwon Sun Yool’s father said he would take the blame if Kim Joon could help Kwon Sun Yool in his future studies.

Thus he took the blame and came out without any sentence but Eun Soo Hyun killed him as she didn’t know it was Kim Joon who killed her son. This was the reason Kim Joon tried to kill Kwon Sun Yool’s mother because she knew the truth. Kim Joon set a driver by telling him he would help his kid to get good treatment. But after the hit their son died and the driver also got killed later. All these were Kim Joon’s doing.

Eun Soo Hyun got to know that Kang Soo Ho knows Kim Joon was the centre part of her son’s court verdict bribery. Eun Soo Hyun got angry with Kang Soo Ho because he didn’t fight against it even though he knew it before. Eun Soo Hyun’s son had a tablet with him when Eun Soo Hyun came home that day he died. She noticed it, also the neighbour lady noticed the kid went outside with the tablet in his hand. Also, the neighbour lady vacated her house as she is leaving the country because of Kim Joon’s threats.

When Kwon Sun Yool’s mother woke up at the hospital before she was dying she said only one word, which was “Tablet”. That tablet was the tablet Eun Soo Hyun’s son had. When thinking about where would be that tablet, Kwon Sun Yool got thinking about the past before his mother’s accident which was when she gave him a chain. When he opened the chain locket he got a micro SD card. When he checked there was a shop name and details where she gave the tablet.

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As Eun Soo Hyun got the tablet, she saw the video that was taken by her son at the time of death. There was Kim Joon’s voice saying he hit the kid and Kwon Sun Yool’s father taking the blame. Eun Soo Hyun went into tears about her son and also for killing an innocent guy with her hands. Kwon Sun Yool also heard these recordings and went into tears. Too many twists got revealed and now the real villain is known and the final episodes are next. Let’s see how they are gonna finish up this with proper finishing on Kim Joon.

Disney+ will release Episode 13 on the 12th of April and Episode 14 on the 13th of April in their streaming site. Twelve episodes are available in Disney Plus with Korean language and English subtitles.



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