Parasyte The Grey Episode 6: Netflix presents ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ a supernatural South Korean drama. The plot revolves around a convenience store girl who’s infected with a parasite and encounters an abuser on her way home.

This mysterious incident then gets repeated at many places around the nation, and a bunch of Parasites take control of human brains in order to eliminate human organisations. A special task force has been appointed by the government to destroy this parasite from causing further attacks against civilians.

Episode 6 opens with a flashback portion from the day, Detective Won Seok and the Parasite pastor started their alliance. After spending their free time at the golf club, Detective Won Seok is having a conversation with his club members. They start talking about the pastor and his wife, who’s been acting weird in recent days. Detective Won Seok tells them that he will go and check what’s happening at Pastor’s house.

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Detective Won Seok goes to the pastor’s house, looks inside and sees the pastor’s wife died and is covered in blood. Detective Won Seok tries to call the cops, but the parasite tries to warn him with its weird appearance. In the end, both of them had a deal to help each other.

Back at the present, the police department conducts a special conference meeting with media people. Detective Kim Chul Min arrives and announces that they destroyed all the parasites except two. Detective Kim Chul Min shows the photos of Jeong Su In and Seol Kang Woo’s sister on the screen. He orders the media to spread their photos across the nation. Detective Kim Chul Min also confirms that the music festival and memorial will happen on the exact date as per plan. Meanwhile, Seol Kang Woo is watching the live telecast at a convenience store, and Jeong Su In is seen outside the store.

Seol Kang Woo gets a call from his parasite sister, she wants to meet with Jeong Su In at some place secretly. Seol Kang Woo takes her into a public place, Jeong Su In tells him to stay away from his Parasite sister to avoid a clash with her. Jeong Su In starts talking with her for some time, she wants to kill the parasite Detective Kim Chul Min, but Heidi initially rejects the request. Seol Kang Woo’s sister somehow convinces Jeong Su In to kill Detective Kim Chul Min.

The next day, the Government assigns Choi Jun Kyung to investigate a church in Gangwon-do, which is marked with the same symbol as they found at Saejin Church. Detective Kim Chul Min tipped off superior officers to distract Choi Jun Kyung and Team Grey from protecting the mayor.

Choi Jun Kyung and the grey team officers left for the church, she saw Detective Kim Chul Min and Detective Won Seok smiling at her when she started leaving. On her way, Jeong Su In calls her and warns about the attack organised by Detective Kim Chul Min. Heidi explains that, she’s going to kill the parasite, even if Choi Jun Kyung doesn’t support her. After the phone call ends, Choi Jun Kyung decides to abandon the mission and head back to the music festival.

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Jeong Su In and Seol Kang Woo reach the festival along with his Parasite sister. Suddenly, Choi Jun Kyung arrives the place and shoots at them. At the festival, Detective Kim Chul Min shows his parasite actions and threatens the public. Detective Won Seok shoots at Detective Kim Chul Min as per their plan. The parasite suddenly comes out of Detective Kim Chul Min’a’s body and tries to enter the Mayor’s body.

Suddenly, Seol Kang Woo’s parasite sister arrives and clashes with them. Later, Seol Kang Woo also joins to help her to kill Detective Kim Chul Min’s parasite. In the end of the clash, Seol Kang Woo’s sister gets killed and while she’s dying, she says sorry to Seol Kang Woo. He takes the mayor into a safe room but parasite enters into Detective Won Seok’s body to kill them. Jeong Su In gets into the fight and kills the parasite with the help of Choi Jun Kyung.

In the end of the episode, the police catch Jeong Su In and Seol Kang Woo, but Choi Jun Kyung tells the cops that they are humans. After some months, Seol Kang Woo meets Jeong Su In and informs her about him joining Team Grey. Choi Jun Kyung reserves another vacancy for Jeong Su In too. In the end, Choi Jun Kyung meets a stranger at her office, who claims to be the biggest parasite expert.



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