Wedding Impossible Season 2: Amazon Prime presents ‘Wedding Impossible’ triangular new generation love drama. The plot revolves around two siblings from a wealthy family and a middle-class girl intervenes in the grandfather’s future plans for her grandson’s succession. The elder brother makes a deal with the girl to marry him for three years to escape from the company chairman role, younger brother unknowingly develops feelings for the same girl, who’s going to be his sister-in-law.

Wedding Impossible is a romantic comedy South Korean television show. The show deals with the unbalanced relationships among the youngsters of current society. The first episode of Wedding Impossible premiered on February 26, 2024. This first season of the series contains twelve episodes in total and all the episodes are released through Amazon Prime.

The finale episode of the show was released on April 2nd, which got a very good response from the viewers. The romantic drama ended with a proper happy ending which is a positive sign for a second season. The final episode got pretty much good reviews from Korean drama lovers across the globe.

Wedding Impossible first season is completely focused on the two young brothers of the wealthy LJ group and a young girl from a middle-class family. Lee Do Han, a wealthy grandson of LJ group chairman made a deal with his childhood friend Na A Jeong to marry him for three years. As an actress by profession, she accepts his deal as a role play. The younger brother Lee Ji Han opposed their relationship and tried his best to make them separate.

Their grandfather ordered Lee Do Han to take charge of the company and marry the girl he wanted. After some time, during all the clashes, Lee Ji Han developed feelings for Na A Jeong. Initially, they were enemies but later they became close to each other in secret.

Wedding Impossible season one finale ended with a happy ending. After publically announcing his feelings for Na A Jeong, Lee Ji Han left her alone for years. Na A Jeong became a well popular actress because of television shows. Lee Ji Han started a new company with his close friend. Lee Do Han came back to Korea after his New York days. He concentrated more on his paintings.

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The chairman got retired from his duties and transferred it to his associate. At the end of the first season, Lee Ji Han once again confessed to Na A Jeong that he can’t live without her. His grandfather also gave a nod for their marriage and everything ended on a happy note.

Wedding Impossible show makers haven’t announced anything regarding the renewal of the series yet. Even though the reviews and ratings were pretty much good, still it doesn’t have a solid plot for the second part. Season one ended with a closed finale, there’s no content to make it for another part. South Korean dramas are usually known for single seasons and in some rare scenarios, they renew the show for another season. Chances for a second season for Wedding Impossible is a big no.

Unless some magic happens or the script writer materialises a continuation, the Wedding Impossible series won’t be coming back with another season. Let’s wait and see if Amazon Prime announce anything officially about the renewal of the show.

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Wedding Impossible first season with twelve episodes is currently streaming through Amazon Prime around the world.



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