Parasyte Season 2 Release Date: Netflix presents ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ a supernatural fantasy show. Netflix is once again back with a fantasy South Korean shoe. The plot revolves around the special task force called The Grey Team. A bunch of parasites fell from the sky and took control of some human beings for the sake of their existence.

They started to kill other humans and create their own organisation to infiltrate the human organisation. The Government appoints the grey team to eliminate the parasitic threat from society, and the following war between the grey team and the parasite becomes the rest of the story.

Parasyte: The Grey is a supernatural fantasy thriller from Netflix Korea. The show tells about the unexpected interference of parasites in the lives of human beings. The series travels through a chaotic war between the grey team and the parasite organisation. This supernatural thriller show is a south Korean live adaptation of the manga series “Kiseiju” by Hitoshi Iwaaki.

This show was created by Yeon Sang-Ho, who’s known for zombie and supernatural movies. This series contains six episodes in total. The first season premiered on April 5th through Netflix. The series got very much popularity after the trailer release and now most of them already binge-watched the show. The show getting very good reviews across the globe, with everyone praising the VFX portions and action sequences as the highlight of the series.

Parasyte: The Grey’s first season ended with a banger climax. The series started on a slow note but yet they appealed faster to the core plot. A bunch of parasites fell from the sky and infiltrated the human race. Chopping the heads off and entering inside the brains of humans are the main modes of operation of the Parasite. They are successfully establishing their presence in society, untill one parasite host makes an exception. A parasite named Heidi couldn’t tale control of it’s host, but partially got involved with the host life.

In, a convenience store girl gets in touch with the parasite inside her body, and later teams up with it to destroy another parasite. On their journey of war, Choi Jun Kyung, a special task force chief tried to catch Jeong Su In. Things get out of control when the parasite takes control of Detective Kim Chul Min to kill the mayor, but eventually fails due to the intervention of Jeong Su In.

Parasyte: The Grey season 2 will concentrate more on the procedural works of The Grey Team. Seol Kang Woo got appointed as one of the operatives inside the grey team. Choi Jun Kyung hired him because of the unconditional efforts took to destroy the Parasite and also he protected the upcoming presidential candidate. Choi Jun Kyung requested Jeong Su In to join the grey team to encounter more upcoming supernatural threats.

In the end of season one, Choi Jun Kyung meets a stranger at her office, who claims to be the biggest parasite expert. The real motive of his visit will be revealed in the next season. Netflix is known for making multiple seasons for their shows, especially for supernatural shows, they renew such shows all the time. So, we can expect an announcement about the renewal in the coming days.

Parasyte: The Grey all six episodes are currently streaming through Netflix in multiple languages.



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