A Gentleman in Moscow Episode 4: Paramount plus presents just another periodic drama series called ‘A Gentlemen in Moscow’. This limited series is an adaptation of Amor Towles’s acclaimed novel ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’.

After the Bolshevik revolution, A royal family count named Alexander Rostov gets arrested for publishing a poem against the communists and the Bolshevik party bans him from wandering around Russia for the rest of his life. The Bolshevik party orders their soldiers to shoot him on the spot if ever gets out of a hotel, where he has been staying as a prisoner.

”A Gentleman in Moscow’ is a historical drama series created by Sam Miller and Sarah O’Gorman. The first episode of the show premiered through Paramount+ on March 29, 2024. The show has solid casts like Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in leading roles. This periodic series contains eight episodes in total with a minimum duration of forty minutes.

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The story happened in Russia, during the Bolshevik Revolution. The first three episodes of the show got very good reports from historical drama lovers across the globe. The story deals with the life of Alexander Rostov under the custody of the Bolshevik party inside the Metropol hotel in Moscow.

The third episode dealt with the emotional variations of Alexander Rostov. Years passed after he entered the Metropol Hotel as a prisoner. Alexander Rostov kept surviving inside the hotel walls without any hope of freedom. Nina became a young girl and came back to the hotel to meet Alexander Rostov. Anna Urbanova became a successful and popular actress in Russia. She got close with an influential person, who boosted her career. Anna Urbanova once again came back to the Metropol hotel.

Her re-entry made Alexander Rostov more emotional. He was waiting for her positive response for years, she got committed to another man in front of him. On a special note, Alexander Rostov once again explained his desire to romance with Anna Urbanova. She accepted his wish and once again they got back together.

The last episode discussed about the death of Alexander Rostov’s grandmother. Mishka came to the Metropol hotel with bad news about Alexander Rostov’s grandmother’s death. The ruling party denied the request for a proper funeral for the royal lady. Alexander Rostov emotionally gone weak after hearing the news, ordered the hotel representatives to conduct a funeral party for the guests.

On the day of the party, out of the twenty guests invited, only Mishka and Nina joined to convey their prayers. Alexander Rostov got mentally stuck and raised their voice against the hotel staff. Alexander Rostov had a serious argument with Nina, she didn’t like the tone of his words, so she left the party in the middle. At the same time, Anna Urbanova was waiting for Stalin at the hotel, to celebrate her latest movie premiere show. Anna Urbanova and the communists decorated the whole hotel to welcome Stalin, in the end, he avoided the meeting with her.

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‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ episode 4 is planned to be released this Friday through Paramount+ around the world. Showtime production house planned to release one episode per week untill the finale episode. The fourth episode will be premiered on April 19th, Friday. Out of a total of eight episodes, paramount+ already released three episodes so far. The first three episodes of the show are currently streaming through Paramount+.



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