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Why did Hong-Dae become a coach in the “Dream” movie?

The Korean Sports Drama comedy film “Dream” is currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi, English, and Korean language, along with subtitles. The film stars Park Seo-joon, IU, Lee Hyun-woo in lead roles, along with others. This 120-minute-long movie is a joy ride that you can enjoy with your family and kids.

Before discussing this question, let’s have a summary of the movie. The movie is all about a soccer player who gets involved in a controversy and, to resolve his image, is appointed as a coach for some homeless men to help them play in the Homeless Football World Cup.

Hong-Dae is a reputed soccer player; however, his last game didn’t go smoothly. After the match, in a post-interview, a journalist asked him about his mother, which upset him because his mother had stolen money and ran away from a business company. Hong-Dae became angry and punched the reporter’s nose.

After this incident, people started making jokes about Hong-Dae, and memes about him spread on social media. To manage his character and reputation, Hong-Dae’s PR decided to make him take a break from the national team and start doing another job. They appointed Hong-Dae as a coach for some homeless people, helping them to play in the Homeless Football World Cup.

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Hong-Dae became a coach for homeless people to save his reputation.

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