The Korean Sports Drama comedy film “Dream” is currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi, English, and Korean language, along with subtitles. The film stars Park Seo-joon, IU, Lee Hyun-woo in lead roles, along with others. This 120-minute-long movie is a joy ride that you can enjoy with your family and kids.

Before discussing the team’s performance in the World Cup, let’s have a summary of the movie. The movie is all about a soccer player who gets involved in a controversy and, to resolve his image, is appointed as a coach for some homeless men to help them play in the Homeless Football World Cup.

After lots of struggles, Hong-Dae and his team qualify for the 2010 World Cup. But things don’t go as planned, as they are incapable of playing against other teams. Later in the tournament, they discover a rule that allows teams with no reserve players to field two foreign players.

So, they recruit Brazilian players Armandinho & Atila to help them. With their assistance, they manage to win, but they don’t get much respect because all the goals were scored by the Brazilian players. After the first win, all Korean players decide to play on their own without any help from others, and that’s how they face Germany.

With full energy, all Korean players are ready to play against Germany. They fight hard, fall down, rise up again, launch counter-attacks, put up a strong defense, and give their best to win the match. However, in the first half, they are unable to score a goal. Then Yoon Hong-Dae tries to bring in the Brazilian players as substitutes because the other players are tired.

But the team decides to carry on without any help, as they are playing for their beloved ones. When In-Sun Kim realizes his girlfriend is watching the match, he buckles up and joins the game, which motivates all Korean players. Despite losing the match 5-1, that one goal changes their perspective as players. After that, they play all scheduled games and record one win with ten losses, but they become the most popular team of the tournament and win the 2010 Best Newcomer award.

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This is the Korean team’s performance throughout the entire tournament. Hope your queries are now cleared.


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