Peacock Original presents a ten-episode post-apocalyptic American action series, which is currently streaming on the Peacock app & SonyLIV, along with English audio & subtitles.
Before discussing the answer, let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. The story is originally a live-action adaptation of the famous Racing-action game of Sony Playstation named “Twisted Metal.”

The story is about a driver who accepts a job to deliver a secret package in San Francisco. But during his journey, he faces a lot of troubles in the post-apocalyptic world.

Sweet Tooth is a killer psycho clown in this series. Before we see him for the first time in Las Vegas, he had a quite interesting life. He used to be a child actor in a sitcom show. There, we can see that he is a little bit rude boy, but his behavior turns into psychotic. When he sees that all people love a dog more than him, he kills that dog in front of everyone.

His killer movie turns him into a mental patient. Later, he was admitted to the “Blackfield Asylum East Wing.” He lived there, and also, there he killed his parents. Later, he went out from that Asylum and started living in Vegas.

That’s all about Sweet Tooth’s past life and how he moved to Las Vegas. Hope your queries are cleared now.


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