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‘Dream’ Netflix Movie (2023): Plot, Summary and Ending Explained

‘Dream’ Netflix Movie (2023): Korean Sports Drama comedy film ” Dream” is currently streaming now in Netflix with Hindi, English, and Korean language along with subtitles. The film starring with Park Seo-Joon,IU, and Lee Hyun- woo in lead roles along with others. This 120 minutes long movie is a joy ride that you can enjoy along with your family & kids.

Before discussing the ending of the movie let’s have a summary of the of this movie. The movie is all about a soccer player who is involved in a controversy & for resolving own image he was appointed as a coach of some homeless men and helps them to play in the Homeless Football World Cup.

Yoon Hong-Dae is a soccer player but his mind was too disturbed because his mother has stolen money from people so the police is trying to find her. When a reporter asked Yoon Hong-Dae about his mother, He gets angry and hits him in the eye. After that, Yoon Hong-Dae’s name began to be infamous to the general public. To fix his character, he is employed as a coach for homeless people.

All the homeless people shown in this movie everyone’s life messed up. But, they want to play in the World Cup to fulfill their dream. Yoon Hong-Dae tried hard to train them but he was unable to do that because all of them are not serious, so he decided to quit. But, his mother requested him to continue football. That’s how he back again to train them.

They fall down & rise up again, did a back-attack, made a strong defense and tried their best to win the match but were unable to score a goal. Then everybody made up their mind, Hwan-dong Kim wants a home to continue his life, Beom-su Son wants to continue his life with his lady love, and Hyo-Bong Jeon wants to give his best because his daughter will leave Australia soon. In the end, the youngster In-Sun Kim became the backbone of the team because he finally saw his lost girlfriend.

Their comeback was too good. Though they knew they would not be able to win those matches but still they tried to fight back. They played all scheduled games & recorded one win with ten looses, but they became The most popular team of the tournament and won 2010’s Best Newcomer award.

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The name of the movie is ” Dream” which is perfectly justified. Because all of them completed their dreams but just one goal. It’s not focused on winning a world Cup match instead its focus on winning over own life. The ” One Goal” represent the aim of their life and by scoring it they all made a huge comeback.

At the end of the movie, So-Min Lee’s documentary became popular. Hwan-dong Kim has his own house now. Hyo-Bong Jeon’s daughter went to Australia with her mom. Her daughter saw him playing Soccer in Korean time which made her happy. In-Sun Kim found his girlfriend but she was unable to recognize him still, he moved on now. Beom-su Son has a happy life with Jin-Ju. And finally, they all went to see a match of Yoon Hong-Dae.

Yoon Hong-Dae finally made his final comeback and helped his team to win the match. That’s how the lead Character of this movie completed his own dream too.



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