YOU Season 4 Part 2 has officially released on Netflix after the first part was released in February with the first five Episodes, The second part also contains the same number of Episodes making Season 4 with ten Episodes.

Season 4 focussed on Joe taking on another identify of Jonathan Moore who is a Professor at an University who finds himself in the midst of the Upper class of London who are anything but normal.

The real problem starts when one by one those people start to die and ending it with Joe finding out who’s the real “Eat The Rich” Killer is but Part 2 totally changes that. Here’s the Ending Explained if you’re interested.

Who Is The Real Killer?

It all starts in Season 4 Part 1 where the Upper-Class Elite starts to die when Joe as Jonathan Moore enters their circle with the first death of Malcolm who invites him to Sundry Club, an Exclusive Club only for the Elite. What follows is a chain of murders in that circle only which the normal public starts to call “Eat The Rich” Killer.

By the end of the Season 4 Part 1, we find out that Rhys Montrose is the real killer and he has been killing them all along. But with the start of Season 4 Part 2, with time there’s the real twist when Joe in a fit of rage kills Rhys after finding him in his country house.

IT WAS JOE ALL ALONG! During Part 2, we get a hint of what Joe really is, When Sophie is kidnapped by an erotomaniac who keeps her locked in a hotel room to protect her from the “Eat The Rich” Killer, there’s a hint of what is really happening.

Joe was obsessed with Rhys right from the start, so much so that he was an erotomaniac and had been following him all along, even watching his livestreams and going to the places Rhys likes when in reality Rhys does not even know him personally. Every conversation that we’ve seen of him and Rhys happening never happened because it was all happening inside his head and whenever it did, there wasn’t anyone else present.

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In fact, the serial killer Rhys that we saw all along was actually Joe taking his dark side and all of his brutality and putting inside that personality and that was the Rhys that we saw in Season 4 Part 1.

It was the manifestation of Joe and his darkness. So, there wasn’t anyone else other than Joe, it was him all along.



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