Danica Weeks Now: The Plane That Disappeared’ is the story about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that went missing, there were many passengers on the flight whose family interview is taken in the series one of these was Paul Weeks’ wife, Danica Weeks.

So where is she now let’s know about her.

Who is Danica Weeks?

She is originally from New Zealand, and when she came across Kiwi Paul Weeks, they fell in love with each other and soon get married, they have two boys Lincoln and Jack, but everything changes as Kiwi gets his job as a mechanical engineer in East Asia. As their kids were too small at that time so he decided to go alone, as they say, goodbye to him on March 7, 2014, she also received a mail from him later as she told Netflix saying that “Miss you already”.

But she get a call from a New Zealand reporter, who told her that the flight went missing mid-air which broke her heart, and after some time authorities declared all the passengers dead, but she still keep pressuring the authorities to know the reason behind this but still, the reason is unknown for them also.

Where is Danica Weeks Now?

Danica still misses her husband and wants to find the answers behind the disappearance, she said that she was happy as he gifted him two boys which keep her going.

However, she found a partner Kolohe Crinion who is a builder by profession, which she met on a dating site they both get married on February 15, 2020. As of now, she is living in Southern Queensland, Australia, with her husband and two boys but she is still searching for answers and keeps pressuring the authorities.

She is away from the media limelight for the last 1 Year, stay tuned with us, we will let you know about any further developments or news related to her.



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