Joe Dead Or Alive In You Season 4 Explained: YOU Season 4 Part 2 has been released on Netflix and how the tables have turned from Joe being overshadowed and used as a pawn by Rhys to a totally different narrative in Part 2 is what makes it interesting.

Season 4 reveals that Joe is an erotomaniac and not only that, has multiple personality disorders he had been committing all the murders throughout the Season and the Rhys we saw was just a figment of Joe’s imagination which was a culmination of Joe’s dark thoughts.

However, towards the end of Season 4, Joe comes to a realization that he’s done quite a lot of damage to people around him and people die when he’s involved. He finds a reason to get obsessed with anyone and he decides to kill himself.

Does Joe Kill Himself?

After Joe comes to a realization that he’s the problem and after solving his one last problem which was killing Tom Lockwood, Kate’s father he goes to London Bridge to commit suicide. However, Rhys who was his other personality does not let him go giving him reasons to not kill himself but then Joe comes to a realization that it’s not fair for the people and he needs to die so he first throws Rhys into the water and then jumps himself.

Does Joe try to kill himself? Yes! Does he succeed in killing himself? Nope! He is saved by the patrolling Police who take him to the Hospital where Kate finds him. She offers him to be together and make each other better because now Kate has all the money and power in the world after her father leaves her everything.

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So now, Joe and Kate are together with Joe with so much more power than he could ever imagine, He goes back to his original identity of Joe Goldberg and is doing interviews with a new altered storyline of his making and the world is believing him.



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