YOU Season 4 Ending Explained: YOU Season 4 Part 2 has been released on Netflix and how the tables have turned from Joe being overshadowed and used as a pawn by Rhys to a totally different narrative in Part 2 is what makes it interesting.

Although it has not been mentioned before in the previous three seasons Season 4 makes a startling revelation that Joe in fact is an erotomaniac and that sort of makes the whole crux of the twist in Part 2.

But the question that is making us spiral is that does Joe have multiple personality disorder because what we’re being shown very much agrees with that notion. If you have the same question, you’re in the right place.

Does Joe Have Multiple Personality Disorder?

Well, in Part 2 we see Rhys is the real “Eat The Rich” Killer and it was him who had been killing everyone but turns out that the Rhys that Joe was communicating with wasn’t a real one. I mean, there is a real Rhys, the one who wrote the memoir and had declared his run for the city of Mayor but the one that we see who has been committing murders is just a manifestation of Joe, another personality.

Now, we all know that Joe is mentally unstable but multiple personality disorder is something that we might have assumed that Joe suffers from but now we have proof. We’ve seen before that Joe is a romantic but then he can go to any lengths to protect the person he loves.

Turns out that the side of him that makes him do those brutal murders and is amazingly observant of people and their behaviors is another personality that he manifested into Rhys.

When Joe had trapped Marianne inside the cage and she tries to talk to him by repeatedly trying to have a conversation with him and Joe responds that “I’m not Joe. I’m just keeping you alive until he comes back.” This means that Rhys, the dark side of Joe had taken over the body and Joe who’s in love with Marianne and still cares for her very much is not there.

Another instance of multiple personality disorder is that Rhys who is talking to Joe continuously is just a fragment of his imagination but then he is aware of what and when Joe did something and he seems to be subtly giving him hints throughout the Episodes.



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