Netflix presents an eight-episodic science fiction show called 3 Body Problem. This popular show is created by the greatest creators of ‘Game of Thrones ‘. The show deals with a fictional past, present and future where in Earth encounters an alien civilization from an unstable three-body star system. The alien creates a game to recruit intelligent scientists from the world to infiltrate and take control of the Earth.

In the 3 Body Problem show, Sophon plays a crucial role in changing the perspective of the world. Sophon is a fictional proton-sized supercomputer created by the San-Ti. The Sophons are hidden, folded up far too small so the trisolarans can see it. The Aliens have the technology to unfold those protons. They summon those energies and focus them on a single proton, when they unfold it, even a tiny proton becomes huge.

There were Two pairs of two siphons in 3 three-body systems, each pair was entangled and connected on the quantum level. Two Sophons remain with the trisolarans and the other two were already sent to the Earth by the San-Ti.

The Sophon entered the solar system months ago in the story. When Earth people seek truth, the sophon gives them miracles. The sophon changes the world into illusions, they make the world see what the sophon wants them to see. They are watching and learning everything on the Earth.

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The core motive of sending the sophon to Earth is to kill the essential scientific resources which humans have created. The sophons infiltrate the scientific resources, and they damage and tamper with the results, which ends up in failure for the humans. Sophons also destroy the technological developments of humans by interfering with particle accelerators and providing false results in collision experiments.

A Sophon is a highly advanced technology created by the Trisolarans. It will take hundreds and hundreds of years for human scientists to come up with such technology. In that meantime, the Trisolarans will advance their technologies far wider.

The reason why the sky got blinked is because of the influence of Sophons. They already infiltrated the earth and its human-made technologies. They are already listening from private to highly confidential conversations. They are taking control of the resources to recruit more supporters to welcome the aliens to the earth. They are eliminating the people and things which cause them trouble in future.

Sophons were already stretching their capabilities around the earth. The human scientists trying their best to eradicate the threat of Sophons and trimarans. The human scientists came up with a new project to eliminate the threat of trimarans and sophon. They launched a project called Staircase Project to find out the technologies and tactics of aliens and sophons.

They send a person in a neutralized state into the space, to gather more information about the enemies. When the humans thought the mission would be a complete success, some unexpected factors interfered with the mission and it led to the edge of mission failure. The sophon were already watching this project from a far away distance.

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