Staircase Project Explained: Netflix presents an eight-episode science fiction thriller series “3 Body Problem” adapted from the best-selling novel “The Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin. This series is created by the co-creators of “Game Of Thrones” David Benioff and D.B. Weiss with Alexander Woo. Aliens send a message stating they’re coming to earth for their survival.

Ye Wenjie a Chinese scientist welcomes their invitation. Years passed and aliens which are known as San-Ti made supporters on Earth and started their war against Earth as they couldn’t co-exist with humans.

When San-Ti gave their warning to the whole world through televisions, mobiles, screens and all saying they were coming and the people on earth were bugs, people started getting afraid and thinking about them. Government organisations all over the world started their work to defend their nations and people. San-Ti has very advanced future technologies that Earth didn’t have. San-Ti is far ahead of Earth in terms of technology.

In order to prevent alien invasion which comes after 400 years a team has been made under Thomas Wade’s supervision. Thomas Wade works for secret intelligence and he has the highest authority on this kind security security-related issue. Thomas Wade started a team with many researchers and scientists in order to stop this even if it costs huge money.

Staircase project just like the name, it’s a project that uses nuclear explosions to make the probe travel faster in space like a staircase. In order to achieve the probe to travel at 1.12% light speed, they need to explode the nuclear bombs which are set in a path in space. When a probe comes through the nuclear bombs it detonates and pushes the probe far. Like this, each explosion repels the probe step by step thus making it to a 1.12% light speed.

Initially when Thomas Wade asked about the idea to send a probe to space the scientists or researchers mocked his idea. They said it’s an impossible task and takes hundreds of years to get a result. But Thomas Wade had the vision in his mind that it could be done. So he approached Jin Cheng for the possibilities. The staircase project needs nanofibre technology for sailing. Thomas Wade used Jin Cheng to make Auggie work for the nanofibre for sailing the probe.

To maximize the speed of the moving probe at the space, they need to lower the weight as low as they can. They put forward the idea of using the brain of someone put in a hibernation rig and goto with it to space. They need to explode 1000s of bombs. The heaviest payload they can carry is 2 kilograms only.

Will Downing agreed to use his brain for this mission as he was dying of cancer. He accepted this mission just for Jin Cheng. Even though everything was set correctly the mission failed as the path was changed when the probe reached space after some explosions.

That’s all about Project Staircase. If you have any doubts regarding this topic or “3 Body Problem” ask in the comments.



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