What Is 3 Body System?: Netflix presents a big-budget Science fiction show called ‘3 Body Problem’ from the creators of Game of Thrones. The show is based on a novel of the same name written by Liu Cixin. The plot revolves around some well-known scientists, who get killed randomly by the influence of an alien-made game, eventually a detective finds out that, an alien organisation is hunting down well-known scientists to recruit them to help Aliens to invade the Earth. Later, a group of scientists and government officials join together on a mission to stop Aliens from entering the Earth is the rest of the story.

According to the famous novel by Liu Cixin, in “3 Body Problem,” the aliens living in a solar system with three suns. Since all three stars are putting gravitational forces on each other, they end up throwing the solar system into chaos. For these aliens, who are known as Trisolarans, when a sun is gone far away, their planet freezes, also when a sun is thrown extremely near to their planet, it gets the opposite.

The planet faces unstable climate changes and miserable chaos, which is hard for the aliens to live a long life. The alien civilizations were on the verge of extinction when they targeted the Earth.

When their planet revolves around one of the sun in a stable orbit, the planet experiences a regularity in climate and it’s good for the living things inside the planet. This condition of the planet is called the Stable era. However, if one of the other suns snatches their planet away, they wander through the gravitational fields of all three suns.

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This condition leads to many chaotic events with destruction. This worst phenomenon is called a chaotic era, the living things in this era experience many unstable climatic conditions which leads to their extinction.

The three-body problem exists as a real fate of the San-Ti. They were living an unstable life such as dehydration at first, then on a stable era they rehydrated. San-Ti going to face an unstable three-body star system four light-years from Earth, where their lives leading to extinction. During the VR game, Jin Cheng and Jack Rooney visit the wasteland civilisation of Level Four. The mysterious lady confirmed that there is no solution to the three-body problem. The San-Ti already knows that no computer can predict the behaviour of three bodies indefinitely. With three suns in the sky, every civilisation ends in chaos.

The San-Ti’s planet will soon get destroyed by their unstable conditions and also they are experiencing a very long chaotic period. The planet will so soon ripped in half or get pulled into one of the sun or else it will be expelled into space forever. When the San-Ti found out that there was no more hope in their planet, they tried to flee to another planet.

The San-Ti have built thousands of strong interstellar ships to travel to Earth. For a long time, they waited for the invitation from the Earth, Ye Wenjie from China is the first person to have a conversation with them, and eventually, they got invited to the earth. Within four hundred years, the San-Ti will reach the Earth and convert it into their home.

They already gathered some followers on Earth. Even though they are sending thousands of Interstellar ships, they can’t allocate every alien inside it, so some of the San-Ti’s stay on their planet. They think that, if one survives, everyone will survive. Their final chance for survival is the Earth, and they are going to invade it soon.

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