Disney Plus released “Wonderful World” a fourteen-episodic Korean revenge thriller drama with about 1 hour of runtime per episode. The series tells the story of Eun Soo Hyun who is a writer and a professor, whose kid Gun Woo dies in a car accident.

Eun Soo Hyun gets revenge on the killer and goes to jail. What happens when she comes back home after her sentence is the story of this drama. As the days passed Eun Soo Hyun started to understand there were more mysteries to all these things happening around and started digging into it with the help of the son of the guy who was killed by Eun Soo Hyun.

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The day Eun Soo Hyun’s kid Gun Woo got a fever and was informed by her husband Kang Soo Ho to her. Eun Soo Hyun returned back home to check on her son Gun Woo. Gun Woo was okay. The time Eun Soo Hyun had a chat with her husband Kang Soo Ho in the kitchen, Gun Woo went outside the house. Eun Soo Hyun and Kang Soo Ho couldn’t find Gun Woo there. They started searching the surrounding premises for some time. It got night too but they couldn’t reach him.

At last Eun Soo Hyun saw some people and police gathered in a place, when she checked it was Gun Woo who was severely wounded by the accident and was taken to the hospital nearby. Eun Soo Hyun and Kang Soo Ho tried to make their son live, but the treatment or surgery couldn’t keep him alive and he died at the hospital. Kwon Ji Woong was caught and was taken into custody for driving the car and hitting the kid also leaving the kid on the road without getting him to the hospital.

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But the court suspended his sentence saying there was no good evidence to prove it and Kwon Ji Woong walked away with the influence. Later Eun Soo Hyun killed him for killing her son and she went to jail for 7 years.

Kwon Sun Yool is the son of Kwon Ji Woong who was killed by Eun Soo Hyun. Kwon Sun Yool’s mother also got hit by a truck and went to a coma at the hospital. Kwon Sun Yool was looking after his mother. Kwon Sun Yool was helping politician Kim Joon to make him the next president. Kwon Sun Yool’s mother died at the hospital with her last words as “Tablet”.

Kwon Sun Yool and Eun Soo Hyun look for the tablet. And later got to know from Eun Soo Hyun’s neighbour that Gun Woo ran with a tablet on his the day he died. Eun Soo Hyun and Kwon Sun Yool found a tablet and listened to the recording of the day Gun Woo died. It had voice of Kim Joon and Kwon Ji Woong.

That day Gun Woo ran outside with the tablet in his hand. Kim Joon who was driving the car was using his phone in one hand and was not concentrating on his driving. Suddenly he felt he hit something when he looked he saw it was a kid. Kim Joon took the kid to his card back seat and called Kwon Ji Woong who was with his son Kwon Sun Yool who was dying of illness.

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Kim Joon told Kwon Ji Woong he is going for election and he can’t get involved with this because it will affect the future he dreamed of. Kwon Ji Woong told him that he would take the blame for him in return Kim Joon need to save his son. Kwon Ji Woong took Gun Woo and drove the car on Gun Woo as the kid was not dead before. To make sure he is dead he drove car over him and took him in car. Later dumped on a street, from there police took the kid.

That’s all about this topic from “Wonderful World“. If you have any questions regarding the series, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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