“Shogun” Episode 8 Recap and Explained: FX originally presented a ten-episodic American historical action war drama series ” Shogun” and is currently streaming now in Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar. In this article, we are going to discuss about the recap of the eighth episode. But before we start began let’s know about the story of this series. The series is an adaptation of a best-selling novel ” Shogun” written by James Clavell in 1975.

The series shows Japan in the era of 1600 when the Civil War emerged. Lord Toranaga trying to fight against the Council of Regents who want to defeat him. Quite wonderful the last episode was. We see Nobutatsu, who is a half-brother of Toranaga. Tauranga wants to use him for ” Crimson Sky ” but he already got a deal from Ishido to become a member of Reagent. Meanwhile, Nagakodo tried to kill his uncle Nobutatsu & accidentally died.

So, the son’s accidental death makes Toranga weak. People are talking about his death. But It gives a little bit more time to Tauranga. As Saeki’s army will camp at Edo’s boundary to wait for Tauranga to mourn his son. Mariko said, ” The Customary will stay 49 days “. After that, they have to go to Osaka. Blackthorne shows his gratitude towards Toranga for the loss of his own Son.

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Later we see Mariko also hand over that diary to Blackthorne because it’s his. In the Edo city, Blackthorne’s crew is staying. So, Mariko asked him if he wants he can take his cew and return to his own city . Blackthorne asks about Mariko & her next move. He asks Mariko not to go to Osaka. But Mariko replied didn’t agree with him.

So, We see in Osaka, that Ishido is talking with Ochiba about Toranaga’s surrender. He also said the Great Minowara met his end at a humble fishing village. Ochiba isn’t happy at all, as she knows that Toranga is still in his mourning period, and they can’t do anything. So, after this must serve his head otherwise she will be not impressed. Ishido suggests that Ochiba increase their strength by marrying each other. Ochiba does not reply to anything.

On the other side, we see Buntaro and Yabushige talking about the foolishness and courage of Nagakodo who died with nothing. But in this team, we have to remember that Omi was also with Nagakodo when he died. Omi felt upset & mourned his absence. He also says that he can’t accept their Lord surrendering, Nagakodo also couldn’t accept this defeat of his father. He knew that boy was reckless but whatever he did to happy his own father.

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The next day we see the absence of Toranga in his son’s funerals. We heard that he fell sick on his journey.
We see the traditional funeral process of Nagakodo. It’s this sorrowful atmosphere where we see Toranga watching the smoke from a long way. We see Mariko was talking with Lady Rin right that moment Buntaro reached there & informed her that Toranaga wanted her to join with him in the afternoon.

Later we see Fathe Alvito meet with Blackthorne in Edo City. He came here to meet with Tauranga. Blackthorne said, that soon he will gonna reunite with his crew, get back abroad with his vessel & then return again to pay the Black Ship. Alvito asks him about his loyalty to his own country or this country. Blackthorne chooses to serve Japan.

Finally, We see Toranga after a huge time break. He is seriously ill. Alvito greeted him & Mariko was also present there. Toranaga is unable to believe Alvito completely. So, he asks Mariko to translate his words.
Alvito said he didn’t come here with the church’s permission infact he is here with his own permission. He said how Ochiba manipulated Ishido out of hatred for Toranaga.

Toranaga said he can’t do anything about Ochiba’s anger. Alvito said, only Lord Toranaga can forge an alliance with Ochiba. Tauranga understand their enemy is Ishido & they align with Lady Ochiba, then Ishido’s path to power will be removed as the heir’s army will be their Ally.

Toranaga asks about Mariko’s decision & she has known her since childhood. Mariko thinks that Toranga isn’t her enemy instead it’s her fear. Tauranga thought Ochiba would never align with him, So, it’s better to surrender. He instructed to call his vassals to assemble tomorrow as he heard some rumours about their defiance of his will. As his son died he didn’t want any more Bloodshed. He wants their signed pledge that they will match with him in surrender. Moreover, he grand permission to Alvito that he could build a new church in Edo & then left from there. Before he said Alvito to tell everything in Osaka, what he saw in Edo. Toranagae expecting a peaceful death.

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Later Sugiyama, informed Yabushige & Omi, that their Lord was ready to battle. Yabushige asks him & how he is sure about that. Sugiyama informed me that this is the reason why Toranga will not send Alvito to Osaka. Later we see Buntaro talking with Mariko. They drank ” Cha” with each other & Buntaro served her. It must be showing their gratitude & feeling for each other. Or, must be a way of Buntaro trying to impress Mariko. They want to accept their death to protect their Lord.

Blackstone found his crew was enjoying their life. It’s just one guy Salamon who said six of their members died & he is just surviving. Blackthorne said he had clearance to return Erasmus. They left Santa Maria a long ago to chase Spanish ships & waste their time here in this country. Their meeting didn’t go will so Blackthorne thrashed Bim brutally.

Later, Blackthorne meets with Yabushige and tells him that he believes that Toranaga will die soon so he wants it to sail under him. But before that, he must not join Toranaga in Osaka. Later Yabushige declined his offer & said Toranga would not sacrifice very soon. So, Blackthorne has nothing to make his own Fate. Blackthorne recalls the time when Yabushige was very close to death on the Cliff. It proves that they are the same & controlling their own fate.

Yabushige said he would never betray their betrayal as they had been called to the castle to sign their obeisance to Tauranga & they would follow this. Blackthorne understood the Loyality but it also ended up with suicide. Alvito found a place for his church. Also, Toranga offers a new Tea House for Kiku & Her Mistress.

Later, we see Lady Daiyoin who is very ill. Later Lady Ochiba found that she had a Stroke early in the morning. She asks Ochiba to stop this political game & release the hostages. Daiyoin also said Ishido comes from nothing & he is also nothing.

On the other side, Everyone gathered for another meeting with Toranga. He instructed that Yabushige would leave Osaka tomorrow, in addition to delivering his guns to Ishido, & he asked to submit the names of those who would join Toranga for surrender. While everybody slowly signed their names one of the guys was unable to accept it. The advisors told him to stay in the Edo & they would fight with Ishido. Toranaga said this can destroy their city but those men are happy with their decisions.

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Later Sugiyama also said to Toranaga that if he did not change his mind to surrender, he would commit Seppuku at once. More people said if Toranaga surrendered it would be treason against their heritage.
Sugiyama have his only Friend Toranaga. He asks him not to surrender. He still tried hard to fight along with Toranaga. As Toranaga is unable to surrender from his decision, Toranaga orders him to die.
In this tense Situation, Sugiyama farewells his friend & tries to commit seppuku. Buntaro also tried to join his father.

The whole dark cloudy nature makes this scene more brutal. Sugiyama asks his son to kill him. Others tried to stop Toranaga. At the crucial moment, Toranga remained silent & he the death of his own true friend.
His anger sparks but he still remains silent.

Later, in the night he asks Mariko about what happened today. Mariko said everyone suffering in great loss. Toranaga feels the sound of rain on the leaves a dead silence. He is crying but Holding his tears. Mariko said how Yabushige refused Blackthorne’s order meanwhile, Toranaga thinks that he will gonna change his mind very soon after what happened today. He mourns the death of his friend. Meantime, he asked Mariko if is she ready to do her own part & Mariko said ” I’m Ready ”

We see Lady Daiyoin die. On the other side, Yabushige aligned with Blackthorne and sailed on the ship towards Osaka. Yabushige talks about their alignment with Blackthorne & right then they see a little boat approaching. It’s Mariko who is ready to accompany Blackthorne & Yabushige to Osaka. It looks like A great battle is coming. Meanwhile, Toranga awakes from his bed & it’s looks like he ready for the battle. He thanks his son for helping him & giving him enough time to prepare himself. He thanked Hiromatsu’s sacrifice.

Now, this getting more interesting. Mariko is prepared for a new strategy for Toranaga. And, Nagakodo’s death & Hiromatsu’s sacrifice give Toranaga more time to ready for the battle. Eight episodes of ” Shogun” are streaming now on Hulu & Disney plus Hotstar. Other episodes will come weekly.



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