“Wonderful World” Episode 13 Recap: Disney+ presents a revenge thriller Korean drama “Wonderful World” in fourteen episodes. Eun Soo Hyun’s son got killed in an accident. Eun Soo Hyun killed the guy who killed her son as he went out without any sentence for the crime of his connections and bribing.

Eun Soo Hyun went to jail for 7 years and came out. When she came back things weren’t normal as her husband Kang Soo Ho had a small affair with her sister Yuri. Also, the son of the guy Eun Soo Hyun killed started revenging on her and more mysteries started to unveil. As they solve one mystery, another mystery starts to evolve.

Episode 11 started with a flashback of Kwon Sun Yool’s father with Kim Joon. Kwon Sun Yool’s mother calls him saying his son is not well and he goes to meet him. Kwon Sun Yool was at the hospital very ill. At that time when Kim Joon was driving his car Eun Soo Hyun’s son was running near to the car. As Kim Joon was not driving properly and hit the boy. Kim Joon took the kid put him in the back seat and went to a garage not knowing what to do.

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Kim Joon called Kwon Sun Yool’s father and told him he hit a kid and told him to come there. Kim Joon told him he couldn’t do this now as he was going for the Blue House candidate so he couldn’t get involved in an accident as it would break his image. Kwon Sun Yool’s father told Kim Joon that he would surrender as he did it, in exchange Kim Joon needed to save his son. After Kim Joon had gone, Kwon Sun Yool’s father put the kid down outside the car and drove the car above him as the kid was not dead, now he killed him. Cut to present Kwon Sun Yool was also hearing this audio while Eun Soo Hyun was playing it. Both went into tears and Kwon Sun Yool walked away.

Yuri looked everywhere for Eun Soo Hyun’s mother. Eun Soo Hyun’s mother forgot things happened before, she lost her way back and was going around the area. Yuri found her and called her back home. Eun Soo Hyun’s mother realised that something happened to her. Later she went to hospital and consulted a doctor. The doctor said she had Alzheimer’s disease and prescribed her some medicines. Eun Soo Hyun got ready to go against Kim Joon.

Eun Soo Hyun went to the police station and filed a complaint to reopen her son’s murder case and add a new perpetrator Kim Joon. Also, Kim Joon told Kang Soo Ho to get the tablet to him from Eun Soo Hyun. Eun Soo Hyun went to meet the press but only two to three persons were there because of Kim Joon’s influence. Eun Soo Hyun told them about her son’s murder but no articles were posted because Kim Joon blocked them all.

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Kang Soo Ho went home and opened Eun Soo Hyun’s locker and saw the tablet there. Kang Soo Ho took the tablet and gave it to Kim Joon. Kim Joon destroyed the tablet in front of Kang Soo Ho. When Eun Soo Hyun came home she saw the locker was open and the tablet was missing. When Kang Soo Ho came home he admitted that he took the tablet and gave it to Kim Joon and told Eun Soo Hyun that it was useless going against Kim Joon because he had influence and the press wouldn’t dare to post against him.

Kwon Sun Yool went to his parent’s graveyard and later he went to Eun Soo Hyun’s mother’s restaurant. When he got there he put a flower outside and walked away, but her mother saw him and told him to come inside. She gave Kwon Sun Yool food and advised him to stop revenging and not waste his life on these things. She told him every mother will be sad when their kids go through this kind of situation. Kwon Sun Yool met Eun Soo Hyun and said sorry to her for what he did, likewise, Eun Soo Hyun said sorry for killing his father even though he was not the man behind all these.

Kwon Sun Yool and his friends met the people who didn’t get the money for their treatments through Kim Joon’s foundation. They are gathering the signatures from the affected persons against Kim Joon. Eun Soo Hyun’s mother went outside without consciousness again, Eun Soo Hyun looked for her and found her. At the end of the episode Eun Soo Hyun went to the event on her book “Love in Time”. A lot of media and press were there asking her about her comeback. Eun Soo Hyun said the story of the new book is based on true events which is the truth about her son’s death. And she added a popular person was behind her son’s death and it is Kim Joon.

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Overall we have reached the ending of the series. The next episode is the final episode and this episode was the good ending punch for the final episode which is coming next.



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