Wonderful World Episode 10 Recap and Explained: Disney+ released a fourteen-episodic Korean revenge thriller drama “Wonderful World”. Eun Soo Hyun a well-known writer and professor who loved her husband and son. In a car accident, her son dies which changes everything in their life. As the court suspends the killer’s sentence, Eun Soo Hyun drives the car over him and kills him.

Later she was sentenced to 7years in jail. After her jail life, she comes back to her place but the son of the guy she killed starts revenging on her which breaks her life entirely upside down.

Episode 10 started with Eun Soo Hyun going to Kwon Sun Yool’s room. But the detective friend of Kang Soo Ho already was there, he opened the door and entered the room. But when Eun Soo Hyun came there he hid inside a room.

As Eun Soo Hyun entered Kwon Sun Yool’s room she saw a lot of photos stuck at the hanger and walls which had her, Kang Soo Ho, Yuri and many more. The photos after she killed Kwon Sun Yool’s father. Eun Soo Hyun got to know Kwon Sun Yool was obsessed with revenging her for a long time and he had been watching her family for years.

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Cut to ABS broadcast station, Kim Joon has been answering Kang Soo Ho’s interview questions. When it came to the last question Kang Soo Ho thought of asking the question about Kim Joon’s slush funds. But the lady who wants to confess has still not reached the studio. So Kang Soo Ho predicted the final will be him getting fired at the station as the confession lady has still not arrived so people will blame all of it on him. So he skips that question and continues his pre-given question.

Apparently, the lady was blocked on the way by Kim Joon’s men. Kang Soo Ho got very upset and when Kim Joon left the place he showed Kang Soo Ho the picture of his affair and told him that his guy had taken it.

Kim Joon kidnapped the lady’s kid who is also Kim Joon’s own son. Kim Joon threatened her about what would happen if she went against him. Kim Joon gave her boy back after a final warning not to cross paths with him. Kwon Sun Yool came well-dressed to a pub to meet someone. Kim Joon welcomed Kwon Sun Yool inside and introduced the judge, advocate and others who are his best friends and helpers in breaking the law for him.

They also helped Kim Joon by suspending the sentence of Kwon Sun Yool’s father. Kwon Sun Yool came back to his house and saw Eun Soo Hyun there. Eun Soo Hyun told Kwon Sun Yool that his mother’s accident was not a coincidence but a targeted accident.

Kang Soo Ho’s mother got to know from others that Kang Soo Ho had an affair with Yuri. She met Kang Soo Ho and asked if it was true. Kang Soo Ho said it’s true. His mother told him to divorce Eun Soo Hyun and make it a normal divorce because divorce because of an affair will have a bad impact on his career. Eun Soo Hyun meets her mother at the hospital.

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She is okay now. She cries and asks if Eun Soo Hyun is okay. Eun Soo Hyun says she loves her mother more than all. They hugged each saying they had only them to trust and love. As Eun Soo Hyun came out of the room Yuri was there.

Yuri told Eun Soo Hyun that his mother got to know about the affair. Yuri told that when she was with her mother she asked Yuri about the photo her real mother gave to her. As Yuri got trembled mother understood that it was her in the photo. She fell unconscious after it and Kwon Sun Yool who came to the restaurant saw her falling. And he took her to the hospital.

At the end of the episode, Kwon Sun Yool gets a call from his friend that his mother woke up. Kwon Sun Yool rushed to the hospital to see her. But unfortunately, when he reached there she was dead already. Kwon Sun Yool went into tears. Eun Soo Hyun came to the funeral ceremony of Kwon Sun Yool’s mother.

Overall the episode was bit dramatic and they put a small hint to the accident of Kwon Sun Yool’s mother. Let’s see how this gonna be a turnout.



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