A Gentleman In Moscow Episode 3: Paramount Plus presents a historical drama series named ‘A Gentlemen in Moscow’. This period is an adaptation of a critically acclaimed novel written by Amor Towles. The plot revolves around a royal count named Alexander Rostov, who gets banished by the communists from wandering around the Russian country.

The ruling party sentenced him to live his life inside a hotel without leaving. The soldiers were ordered to shoot him to death if he ever goes out or breaks the rules. The rest of the story tells us, how he survives his whole life in this hostage situation.

Episode 3 begins on the day of Alexander Rostov’s 1667th at the Metropol Hotel. Alexander Rostov stands at the edge of the Metropol Hotel’s rooftop, looking at the outside world. Suddenly, the show went backwards to the 1638th day at the Metropol Hotel. Alexander Rostov stands at the rooftop, looking at the beautiful scenery. A hotel staff comes near him and starts talking. He gives a honeycomb to Alexander Rostov to taste it. He explains that Russia is crumbled after Lenin’s death.

Alexander Rostov sees some explosion outside the street. Alexander Rostov seems to like the honey and after tasting it, he goes back to his room. Once again, Alexander Rostov goes back to his routine exercises and dressings, he goes to the diner to have food.

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Later, Alexander Rostov meets the older version of Nina at the hotel. They both greet each other and start talking about the changes happening outside. Meanwhile, Alexander Rostov and Nina start playing a chess game while having a serious conversation. Alexander Rostov once again meets Anna Urbanova after a long time.

She came along with a man who happens to be her current boyfriend. Alexander Rostov wants to initiate a conversation with her but he is in a serious game with Nina. After seeing his urge to speak with Anna Urbanova, Nina tells him to go and talk with her. At the table, Anna Urbanova is having drinks with her boyfriend, Alexander Rostov suddenly goes to the pub and orders a special bottle with a note to Anna Urbanova. The waiter serves it to her, she opens it and looks at him. Anna Urbanova left the diner without talking with Alexander Rostov.

Later, Alexander Rostov’s old friend comes back to the Metropol hotel and meets Alexander Rostov. Mishka came with bad news, he conveyed that Alexander Rostov’a’s grandmother was dead. She was denied a proper royal funeral. Alexander Rostov felt shocked to hear the devastating news, he started expressing his deep emotions with Mishka.

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Later, Alexander Rostov orders the hotel representatives to make a funeral party for twenty guests. Mishka explains that the communist party invited him to join with them but he refuses it. Alexander Rostov tells Mishka that he is the last Rostov in his family and he should send off his grandmother in style. Later that night, Alexander Rostov sees a waiter carrying food to Anna Urbanova’s room, he grabs it and takes it directly into her room.

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Anna Urbanova tells her maid to go outside, she explains that she isn’t mad at Alexander Rostov. Anna Urbanova also said that she had been waiting for him for a longtime but he never talked with her again. After the dinner, once again, Alexander Rostov and Anna Urbanova share an intimate moment with each other.

They seemed very much happy this time, but they still kept it secret among others. On a random day, Anna Urbanova’s movie gets a grand premier release in Moscow. Stalin was invited for a meeting with Anna Urbanova to congratulate her. The communists arrange many decorations and flags inside the Metropol Hotel.

At the same hotel, Alexander Rostov is seen waiting for his guests for the funeral party. Mishka and Nina arrive for the party and join with Alexander Rostov. He still kept waiting for the other guests, but none of them arrived. Alexander Rostov starts shouting at the hotel staff and Nina. He eventually lost his patience, when Nina left the party after a serious argument about Stalin. Anna Urbanova later finds out that, Stalin is not coming for the premiere.

That night, Alexander Rostov goes back to the rooftop and tries to end his life, but he changes his mind to live. That night, he meets Anna Urbanova and they publicly share drinks after their depressed day.

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Overall the third episode travelled through many emotional moments. Alexander Rostov’s character has a strong emotional connection in this episode. The newly found bond between Anna Urbanova and Alexander Rostov added a romantic touch to the plot. Let’s wait and see what happens between Nina and Alexander Rostov in the upcoming episodes.



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