What Happened to Hilary At The End Of “Expats”?: Expats” is a six-episodic Amazon series currently streaming now with multiple languages along with subtitles. Hilary is the second most important character in this series. After the episode ended we got lots of questions in our mind. Let’s know what actually happened to her.

Before starting the discussion let’s talk about the story of this series. The story glorifies the life of Hong Kong people. Hilary always wants to follow her dream & doesn’t want a baby. She told David that she wasn’t happy about it. We saw their relationship is completely dead now. Hilary moved to her Maternal house. She moved to see her dad, who is in bad condition and admitted to the Hospital.

She also met with his Second wife’s child. She was always upset about how her mother treated him. Apart from this situation, she tried to stay cool but in the end, the bubble burst. She spoke everything to her father. How he badly beat her & opened her jaw on Mother’s day. Her father after listening to everything can’t hold the stress and dies.

After returning back she met with David. She knows what she did with her father so started screaming & claiming that she killed her father. David gives her comfort. Hilary wasn’t informed about her breakup with David. Instead, she asked him his relationship with Mercy. She also give permission to share her number to David because Mercy wants to talk with her.

She is an ambitious lady. She fired Mercy without any reason. Later she also met with her in the cafeteria & Felt happy after seeing her condition right now. She began to enjoy her life. Like it was. She just want to follow her dreams & stayed in Hong Kong.

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All episodes of Expats is currently streaming now in Amazon Prime Video with Hindi and English language along with subtitles.



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