Code 8 Part 2 Summary and Ending Explained: Code 8: Part II is a Canadian action Sci-Fi superhero drama film and is a sequel to the 2019 popular film Code 8 and is directed by Jeff Chan and written by Chris Pare, Jeff Chan, and Sherren Lee. The story of this film follows around the people of Lincoln City and shows that about 4 percent of people have special powers and use that for the country which we see in this film.

In this article, I am going to cover the details that include the plot, story, and ending of this film which I will covers in this article.

The story of this begins where part I ends where Connor gets out of prison after five years and Garrett is there to help him but he ignores him as he asks him to join him but he refuses and begins his career as a janitor at the community center as he tries to be happy with Mina as she is his mother’s friend and we see that Sergeant Kingston try to run for the union president post.

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After that, we see that the Sergeant tells the people about the new program where they launched a robotic police dog that will run through the city. This robot is able to stop the fight and able to help people and we find that he is a very corrupt leader in the police force but he is very powerful and has a huge connection with the policies and he plans to deal with Garrett.

The scene shifts and we find that King is able to make a deal with Garret and takes a huge bribe from him and he can able to continue his drug deals for the K9s he takes help from the corrupted police from his department to make sure about the robotic dogs and also we introduced with a 14-year-old girl Pavani who is having power and also lives with her brother Tarak and she is a very good student and gets into a special program

Where we find that to get into the special program she needs books and for that, Tarak needs money to buy but this is too risky he bags for Garnet but he refuses to help him and then, he follows him and he sees that King Bride money to him and they find him and a K9 kills him and which is seen by Pavani.

At the end of this film, we see that Connor uses his powers and tries to power up the machine inside that K9 body, and Pavani tries his power to transfer the data from the hard drive to the media camera to expose the King’s crime world to the people of the country but Kings try to shoot Connor to stop the news for broadcast but Kelton able to save the life of his friends and his crime finds by the people and found guilty for his all crome but the crime remained unknown and the film ends.

This is all the details about the film’s plot, story, and ending of this film and this film is now streaming on Netflix. Let me know in the comment box that how much you like this film.



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