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What Happened To ‘Charlie’ In Skull Island The End Of The Series ?

What Happened To ‘Charlie’ At The End Of The Series ?: Netflix Original presents an American animated adventure series “Skull Island” from the Monsterverse franchise. The series is created and written by Brian Duffield. Before knowing what happened to Charlie, let’s know about the summary of the series.

This series is based on Monsterverse and tells us the journey of a group of explorers trapped on Skull Island where they encounter mysterious creatures along with King Kong and his enemies. Charlie is an adult boy who actually wants to go to college and study, but for his father, he also joined the adventure to discover the mysterious creatures. After a horrible attack by a giant squid sea monster, they all separate, and Charlie reaches Skull Island along with Mike.

Charlie soon discovers happiness in the adventure. After meeting Annie, he not only falls in love with her but also with the island. After Annie is captured by her mom Irene, Annie’s dog and Charlie are both captured by a giant bird and they end up in Kong’s Kingdom. They become friends and find a way to come back. Finally, Charlie finds his dad, but they face a bigger challenge as they can’t leave the island because of the sea monster.

So, Charlie makes a plan to kill the sea monster with the help of Kong. Later, he and Annie manipulate Kong by taking his beloved necklace. They can’t take the dog with them because the dog is unable to carry their weight. Charlie leaves the dog and says he will meet them at the shore.

Unfortunately, Charlie is captured by some tribal people on the island, and they say, “You’ll suffer for what you did to Kong.” This is how the series ends. They must give him some punishment, and later Charlie may be rescued by his dad and Mike.



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